I hate my living room but have no idea how to fix it. Any ideas? I want more plants!

  1. I'd centre the sofa in the middle wall and off the window. Add a shelf by the AC unit to balance the space above the couch, which would be a great space to display plants. Replace side table with a smaller or swap it for a rolling cart. Add a variety of low furniture as a coffee table - maybe some poofs and some rattan stools, and place the dark chest off to the left as seating? Add some plants stands by the window - that is defs prime lighting for an indoor garden. You may also want to get a rug to tie together the seating area!

  2. I don't have any ideas, but WOW those windows are gorgeous!! Once you get it figured out, this room is going to look amazing. Okay, I guess I do have one suggestion: rotate the couch to face the window? I can't tell what it's facing now, but it looks like it would fit the space better that way too.

  3. It's facing the entertainment center! The entertainment center is up against the middle section of the house. It's a small wallset in the middle of the first floor that is surrounded by kitchen, dining room, etc. So it can't really go towards the window, but I wish it could!! I wish the L didn't jut out into the window area

  4. Unless you need them for privacy, I wouldn’t put curtains up. I’d let the window stand on its own. Love the dog.

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