F**KING Receding Gums! - Anyone overcome successfully? [PICS INSIDE]

  1. Nothing that comes to mind specifically. However, I recently noticed that I am pressing my teeth together during sleep. Not sure if it's grinding though.

  2. Not really very much recession around mate. If you are really concerned get a dentist to measure recession (of which I cant really see any from the pictures provided) and recheck after 6 months. If you are really really concerned get a periodontist to do the same. You are definitely not going to lose your teeth in the next couole of years. As above, calm your tits

  3. Just as a side note, the oil pulling is wasting your time. Use 5 minutes of those 20 using regular string floss and it'd be much more beneficial.

  4. I'm using a sonic toothbrush with a soft brush and occasionally brush with a regular toothbrush, which is also soft. Brushing takes roughly 1 minute, although I've never timed it.

  5. 6years on wondering how your gums are now? Having a similar problem myself. My gums have receded due to oral nicotine replacement, I have loose pockets around my tooth it's really concerning. I'm hoping once I have quit for a while they tighten back up.

  6. did u see any improvement after quitting the oral nicotine replacement.. I have same issue but its very hard to quit the nicotine spray 🥲

  7. How you're teeth TomTom, I got similar issue on my two front teeth it seems. Perhaps not as bad as you but the left tooth seems to be close to getting there! Any response is appreciated!

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