If The Fundamentalist Is Going To Undermine Basic Biology and Other Sciences Should They Be Allowed to Homeschool?

  1. I was homeschooled... because my Dad traveled to Turkey, Thailand, and Australia, and I just hitched a ride with him. I started attending real schools in Australia. It works for some folks.

  2. Yes but its legal in the USA and will remain as long as we have liberty and justice for all. See the First Amendment. Do you really want to throw that out?

  3. My doctoral dissertation explored this exact question. I argue that the right to religious freedom means the right to choose for oneself one’s religious path, and that this does not include a right to effectively indoctrinate one’s children. Children have rights too, and one of them is a right to an education which will, in time, enable them to exercise their religious freedom.

  4. Homeschool curriculums should still have federal government approved curricula and quarterly testing to ensure kids are learning. Kids that fail through a certain timeframe can move to public school or special ed

  5. The only reason people homeschool is because they object to the content or quality of government schools. Women sacrifice their careers to home school their young children. Placing their education under the supervision of government educators would end the practice. I suspect that you would prefer a world without religion, and I assure you your proposal will help to make that a reality.

  6. I live in Germany where homeschooling is outlawed and I think that's great. Even if a child is too sick to go to school for long stretches of time (like cancer or something) the government will hire teachers just to make sure those few kids will receive the education they are entitled to. Also all private schools have to teach to the same standard as public schools so even in religious private schools Science is required teaching (Some small exceptions exist for international schools for example).

  7. Surveys show that people are less satisfied with their jobs now that they work from home instead of having to commute. Psychology tells us that because commutes are so awful, we convinced ourselves that our jobs were better than they were, thus that the commute was worth it. It feels like you've convinced yourself that homeschooling is some boogieman.

  8. While I agree with the sentiment, this is a matter of principles. Either you have the right to home school your children, or you don't. The right is not conditional on the contents of that education, that is the whole point of it.

  9. The state mandates that students are taught certain subjects or a certain amount of information in specific subjects. Clearly, this is to ensure that children are adequately prepared to enter the real world or some higher education. Teaching them false information goes against this. Parents can choose to give them a religious education or not. But if they check the box of biology, they should be teaching biology. That includes evolution.

  10. The choices should be public education, a private institution, or online education from an accredited institution. Anything short of these options should be outlawed, with fines or other punishments for the parents and the children deemed old enough to understand. Learning at home is okay if they’re actually learning and exams should be provided to ensure they understand the course materials. Those course materials should include language proficiency, biology, mathematics, geology, geography, chemistry, and basic computer skills.

  11. I am of the opinion that homeschooling should be allowed, but there should be restrictions on it. If they don't teach their kids to equal quality to a school, then it shouldn't be allowed.

  12. Unless you have a household full of actual teachers you can't teach kids to equal quality to a school, at least if becoming a teacher requires an actual education and not a couple of weeks training.

  13. No, as it generalizes too much. A lot of homeschoolers are taught both Creationism and Evolution. I don't reject the idea of standardized tests, but to arbitrarily say that creationists teaching should be banned is too far.

  14. Withholding medical care? America is the most medicated country in the world and you want even more? Why do your kids need so much medical care? You didn't feed them a healthful diet? You want them on puberty blockers just in case? Even circumcision which used to be religious is now pure science. Funny thing about science is they don't apply evolution to anything useful, like diet. Public school is making everyone fat with the food pyramid, same thing they feed to cows in a feedlot, then half the class has to be dedicated to fat acceptance. "Basic biology" is why I think public school should be illegal. So let's compromise. We each do what we want and let the chips fall where they may. I don't even want homeschooling. I want unschooling, so the joy of learning isn't beat out of us.

  15. I would rather have them mentally cripple only their own kids, because as a practical matter (see other commenters here) it's impossible to prevent, than to meddle in the public school curriculum and mentally cripple everyone's kids.

  16. Many of the homeschoolers I’ve met are the brightest and most well reasoned students of this generation. Far superior on average to a public school attender. For 99% of life, your views on origin science as 0 bearing on success. I have young earth views and it hasn’t ever prevented me from getting a good education, getting a good job, and making plenty of money.

  17. Borderline unconstitutional. While I agree with the sentiment, I don’t agree with the application. Freedom of speech is paramount.

  18. No. Freedom to be an idiot is the most fundamental of all our rights and that includes how you want to raise your kids. I had a law professor in my law and society class that argued that we allow Amish to not be properly educated (especially girls). Are we going to force them into schools, too?

  19. I look at it this way. Parents have the right to homeschool according to their beliefs, but biology departments have the right to refuse to accept certain homeschool curricula as satisfying their entrance requirements.

  20. While I would agree it's possible to do harm to a child by indoctrination or denial of education (not necessarily saying all of creationism is this or that only religious groups would do this) and I would agree that personal freedoms should not extend to harming your own children, I think it would be ineffective and problematic to police homeschooling in the manner I think you propose.

  21. If the child is intelligent they will overcome the religious indoctrination. If not, well the world needs ditch diggers too.

  22. That is just nonsense. These are the people who say they can be "just as moral". The children do NOT belong to the state. Do you understand that? This is key.

  23. I’m pretty sure there were schools for a long time before the bible was written. The study of evolution has more science in one paper than all creationist resources out there

  24. This is not a origin or evolution/creation subject. Its a ugly attack on schooling of ones children in a nation. yuck. Nobodys business about schooling kids as long as results in trsts show education has taken place. Homeschooling always beats regular schooling in tests.

  25. Statistically homeschooled people tend to do better than non homeschooled students. The assumption that they arent taught biology is an assumption. I knew a household that homeschooled they were all very intelligent and still have to do the leg work of public school.

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