Gimme one character and I'll tell you my preferred choice for them. (If I don't know them, I'll look up what sounds the best)

  1. I heard Supes is a goodie, so I guess I'll go with that. Idk if Godzilla has any connections or legacy outside of "Japan big bois", so I won't consider him until proven otherwise.

  2. Not the OP, but Cthulhu (Mythos) if you put Cthulhu at the same Tier as Lord English would I imagine be an extraordinarily insane fight of insane magnitude

  3. As of now, I think Alduin is my preferred choice, mainly due to how it tackles Arceus' abilities and cosmic aspects, while also being a fun contrast.

  4. Ermes Costello, mainly due to the fact that it not only offers the most interesting debate potential, but also the most fun animation potential as Ermes' abilities leads to a really fun counterattack for Robin's prowess, to the point where it can even jumble her abilities as a result, forcing her to think outside the box with her own powers. That and the dynamic could be a fun contrast given Ermes boisterous attitude bouncing surprisingly well to Robin's serene yet subtle morbidness, leading to some fun banter potential. Lastly to sorta backtrack on the animation bit, both of their powers can potentially lead to some of the most gruesome imagery, even one of the most gorey death imaginable since Ermes' powers have it where whenever she removes her duplicating stickers, especially when accumulating pain, they are forced back to the original state in a painful way, with Ermes herself not being immune to it herself, so if Robin were to figure that out, she would meet an untimely demise as well.

  5. Karma feels weird to me, and Ayano is just lame. If I had to choose one character that'd mesh well with his style, maybe Bart? Idk.

  6. Tai Lung if we disregard the obvious ridiculousness that is the buffed as hell manga. But if we do consider it...idk, Kenpachi or Raoh?

  7. I heard Doc Ock was good, but at the same time I also heard that that MU mischaracterizes Ock, so maybe Hawk Moth?

  8. I heard Spidey might work, but because people get up and arms about Spidey's opponent because he's such a complex and interesting character that deserves a worthy opponent of the same caliber...prolly Kick Ass.

  9. Flame Princess used to be good, but idk how well it is anymore. So outside of that, probably Juvia or Percy.

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