10 hours of DOGE-scalping on a 10K portfolio (platform FTX via TradingView). Slide 2 for the entry-points on the chart.

  1. So how often you able to get to full size (10k) ? Let say you enter 1 lot and suddenly you up 5% do you get off or want to add to full size?

  2. Depends on the volatility. Two days ago it was Doge, today I'm on Loopring. With very volatile markets, one lot is way enough to make 10-20$ on a single candle (I mainly trade 3mn timeframe). So I only reach full stack if I was very wrong in my entry and averaged down 4 times. Ironically those are the ones that end up paying the most.

  3. Haha ❤️ better days ahead. If it's any solace, know that 95% of all trades (stock, forex, crypto etc..) happen either with a market-maker, broker, or hedge fund, so normal people are probably not taking your money, only ultra-rich financial entities.

  4. Yessir, tho it's not exactly what I want and doesn't work outside of sideways action in my experience. I'm actually trying to develop a moving-average grid bot with a programer friend, but it's less easy than it sounds.

  5. Interesting to know that you can use FTX and TradingView, good combo of a reliable exchange and a great charting tool.

  6. I doubt you can really program a bot for a 7% return in a day on sideways price-action 🙈 I take decisions on the fly based on technical analysis and candle reactions to trends.

  7. manual or automated? answer quickly. i think your post will be deleted, because of rule 2. not sure if 'scalping' is detailed enough.

  8. My strict minimum goal is to make each hour the equivalent of a basic income, so about 15 to 20$, hence the very numerous trades and short profit taking window. Everything above I count as extra.

  9. This I prefer to keep it private :) Tho as I said in another comment, ATR (Average True Range) plays an important role in the scripts I use.

  10. tradingview's strategy tester is complete shit. If you're taking trades that often, the commission and spread would level your account. Especially trading shitcoins, most of those trades would not even cover the spread.

  11. You're exempt of maker fees on FTX when staking 25 of their tokens (~600 bucks at current prices). Setting your limit orders and moving them around as the price evolves is key.

  12. So how long you been doing this? You say you’ve started with 10k and play 2k positions. Ending balance that day is 10700.

  13. No, not for one day 😉 this is a fresh stack I've opened recently for scalping after some time in hiatus. I've spent a long (long) time refining that particular strategy on paper. I have other accounts for longer time-frames.

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