[OC] Arbitrage Opportunities in Online Sports Betting

  1. You'd be making two bets, one for a team to win and one for it to lose. This is the ratio of the two bets you'd need to make, e.g. 1.6 would be $160 on one and $100 on the other.

  2. Interesting. How long do these opportunities last? Can you not bet on these using APIs? I would expect an algorithm to be set up to immediately use and thereby remove the arbitrage opportunity.

  3. I'm not actually sure. Occasionally I'll they'll have closed by the time I get around to checking. I don't always make the bets of course. In fact, I do so very infrequently.

  4. Mike Tyson vs Frank Bruno decades back. UK folk got a bit excited that Bruno could win and placed lots of bets. US folks favored Tyson to win. Odds were different across the Atlantic. UK bookmakers might usually have placed larger opposing bets themselves with US bookmakers to reduce their risks (laying off), but they just knew better and didn’t ::rich man champagne laughing meme::

  5. Indeed. And I thought it was quite pretty. Alas, I guess in your superior judgment you've disagreed and removed the post.

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