r/DannyGonzalez Megathread #34

  1. A review of the Netflix film The Prom, which is about four Broadway actors trying to help a lesbian high schooler. After the school bans her from going with her lover.

  2. I was watching the video Danny did with Jarvis about this guy, and I think an update would be so funny, this guy's TikTok is a gold mine!:

  3. okay i just made a post bc i didn’t see this but PLEASE it would be so funny if he reacted to the movie Hoodwinked. it’s so cursed and insane and a fever dream. similar energy kinda as that movie kurtis reacted to (a goat story)

  4. I dunno if anyone's ever heard of Nithyanand but he's a pretty popular 'guru' of sorts (though he says he is NOT a guru so ig we can call him a 'motivational speaker'). Anyways he used to live and talk in India but he got arrested for some edgy stuff that I dont know the details about. After he got out on bail he fled the country and has been living on his private 'country' (not recognized by any other country) off the coast of Equador, Kailasa. Even if Danny doesn't make a video about his story which is pretty bizarre on its own, Nithyanand has some really funny quotes and talks and they're so fun to watch. I'd love it if he treated this the same way he made the Andrew Tate reaction because both Tate and Nithyanand have pretty similar stories.

  5. It's crazy how Danny can get time to have this parallel alter-ego with a different personality and maintain the 3 channels without overlap. I love when they make videos "together", the editing is so flawless you almost feel as if it's Two Different People. Heard that the special effects in his tour are even more uncanny.

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