had a dream Danny posted a pic of him and Laura with a newborn baby with the caption “CALL THIS GAY BOY A VIRGIN NO LONGER BC HE JUST HAD A BABY” and then I woke up IRL to find out my sister had finally given birth to her baby. Idk what this means

  1. and yes, the caption was specifically in all caps and I remember being so confused as to why he called himself gay or how having a baby made him not a virgin just now, or that I didn’t know him and Laura were having a baby in the first place

  2. My hot take is you see Danny being a good influence on a baby. You think Danny presents as homosexual. And you’re a virgin no longer because your sister had a baby & you live vicariously through her.

  3. I only wish I could perfectly capture how it was in my dream so you all could TRULY experience it, but this will have to do

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