is there something good to find in chrstiania or only scam?

  1. I can always recommend going there to hang out and enjoy the vibes on a sunny day. But dont expect to be guaranteed high quality smoke from the stands in Pusher Street. Typically its good enough to get by, but medical- or connoisseur grade quality is rare in my experience.

  2. Yeah, it's mostly quite good. There's always the haters who are to fancy to smoke what all of us mortals smoke. Dont listen to them. I've been buying green there for like 10 years and it's always been decent. Sometimes better than others, but always smokeable

  3. Don’t listen to anybody chatting nonsense about laced product. They have no proof and say things just for attention.

  4. Has nothing to do with wanting attention, dude. Stupid argument. Some people might have had a bad experience that they want to warn others about, and there’s no harm in that. It may very well be nonsense but don’t say they’re doing it for attention. That’s such a weak argument when you disagree with something.

  5. If you go to Christiania ask for 1407. Maybe you Are Lucky and they have it. Its good weed but costs 100 kr. pr. gram. Dont buy green.

  6. Yeah sadly most of The hash is sprayed or mixed with adulterants but 80% of the weed is not prg or sprayed

  7. Just being honest. My guy from LA came to Denmark with his girlfriend (danish), he went to Christiania. Me, him, his girlfriend, my brother and my brothers friend, we all was stoned for Christmas. We all got stoned from my weed from Christiania, but none of us felt anything by from what he has bought from difference stands. Not really sure they’re shorting in somehow for tourist..

  8. As long as you stay away from hash, you'll be good. Most of the hash is fine, but that's the only product where there's an actual chance of getting fake cannabinoids and THC. The buds are always clean, and usually pretty good quality too

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