Twins born from embryos frozen 30 years ago

  1. So, they were frozen for 30 years, and turned out relatively fine. I'm assuming the same couldn't be done for a living being, like, the ol' Walt Disney rumor, or the premise of Futurama?

  2. I was about to crack a joke that these babies would probably be predisposed to liking disco, thinking VW busses are cool, and having awful facial hair.

  3. Fun fact: female babies develop all their eggs in the womb. That means that you came from an egg from when your mom was in utero. So does that mean that you are really your mom's age?

  4. I mean that's the real question. Conservatives are pushing the idea that life starts when sperm touches egg so these babies should no longer be eligible for their parents health insurance, or WIC. They've already aged out of the public school system. A number of issues.

  5. Imagine having the chance to experience the 90s as a child but instead someone determines that you instead start in the 2020s. That fucking suuuuucks.

  6. I also went to a Christian school, and my first thought when I saw this was " science." When we left it all up to God babies died during birth like 50% of the time, and even if they made it through birth they had like a 20% chance of living past 15.

  7. That seems odd. They just gave the couple the oldest? Is it like rotating stock at the grocery store? You'd think they'd donate the most viable.

  8. Doesnt quite seem like gods will but, hey they are cute and they made it!!! Good for them! I wonder if they will be fans of Nirvana.

  9. So the Christian religion allows this transportation of donor embryos to recepient non-biological couples? I'm asking because it mentions a Christian non-profit as the patron. I don't want to assume anything at this point

  10. Sheesh. I only clicked on this post hoping to find comments making fun of the odd "fearfully made" on the onesies... What I found was much worse...

  11. Imagine on your 18th birthday you find out that you’re actually supposed to be 48 years old. That would blow my fucking mind.

  12. I thought to myself, "Wow. They were frozen back in the 60s or 70s." Then I read the comment [about] Bush being the US President and the year being 1992. I am again reminded that I'm only 2 years from being 30 myself.

  13. I’m 35 and seeing a commercial for the 30th anniversary of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast made me feel old for a moment.

  14. imagine how pissed they'll be when they find out they coulda witnessed the new millennium had they not been frozen.

  15. That’s Bible speak. I love how they are a “gift from god” or whatever. I’m thinking….you may wanna high five a scientist before you go giving all the credit to god.

  16. I knew something was wierd when I saw those onesies, then I read about the group that provided the embryos... yikes

  17. Well, to make you wonder even more: Embryos donated and frozen like this are mostly due to potential genetic diseases and one of the biological parents had ALS.

  18. But in vitro almost always kills a few embryos. That’s one of a million ways you know it is t really about life…

  19. Kinda disturbing that the first word on their little cute onesies is “fearfully” but hey, what’s religion without the fear?

  20. That’s the translation in the King James Version. And the definition of Biblical fear of God is different from normal fear, although I don’t know if that is what is being referenced here.

  21. I’m losing it at the “we wanna have as many kids that god wanted us to have”. Like if you have 6 kids and five of them required fertility assistance, maybe god was trying to tell you to not have kids

  22. The irony of christians playing god. And yet somehow interfering like this is different from abortion.

  23. When they get older, they're going to be salty about the delay. Life might nit be rosy for 30 year Olds now, but I don't think it'll be any better in 30 years

  24. Jesus christ. They’re gonna have an existential crisis when they’re parents explain that they’re technically over 30 years old.

  25. Imagine if one twin had been born 30 years ago and the other was born today. Imagine if your twin was 30 years older than you??? You would be able to know exactly what you looked like when you would get older thanks to your elder twin. You might even have to look after your twin in their old age. Okay I think I just thought of a really great science fiction novel lol.

  26. It is on multiple levels. The fake religious bs veneer all over actual scientific methods, the bs hard-core right wing christian (and totally not hate based /s) company that has the embryos only giving them to straight people that they deem worthy of having children. (Nothing about that seems like playing god to them). The fact the couple chose to do this for "the most needy" embryos instead of taking in actually needy children and giving them a good home.

  27. Yah, the whole we’re having as many kids god allows us to 🤮 Just stop. God gave you a hint then you science’d yourself twins.

  28. It seems a bit ironic that the couple live by the whole “we’ll birth as many kids as god wants to give us” line, but 5 of their 6 kids were IVF/implanted embryos.

  29. “Fearfully” implying made through god. As if 30 yrs of science played no part. So delusional and ridiculous.

  30. Now that I know is some Bible bs I find that especially hilarious. Those ppl are all about their god until science makes something more convenient for them. God my ass.

  31. It is from the Bible; fearful means awesome in this context. Awesomely and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14. It is a psalm (poem/song) about God's love and care for individuals.

  32. I'm struggling to find how this benefits that political agenda. If we're arguing that those embryos were already "people" then storing them in cryo storage for 30 years seems a bit unethical. But even if we dismiss it... So what? This doesn't do anything to prove personhood which is the burden of proof requirement for that political stance. Anyone who adheres to these beliefs would be incredibly foolish to try and use this to bolster their claims.

  33. Full on mad-science babies wearing “Gods little miracle” shirts. Some humans can’t be saved, and they’re all parents.

  34. Imagine the genealogy look up in this scenario. See your biological parents being XX age when you were born (they’ve gotta be at least 50-60yo now). Your grandparents could have been born 120 years ago.

  35. So a woman can be implanted with and then give birth to children that are technically older than her? And by older than her, I mean emerged from a man's ball sack before she did

  36. Just curious: will the women, who've been exposed to covid, have covid resistant embryos? Will the embryos produced today be better than a few decades back?

  37. what's more weird if you think about it, the embryos existed in the donor woman all her life up until the donating as well, so, the egg itself was around for maybe 50 years or so (depends on how old the woman was) before getting fertilized

  38. in like 14 years these guys are gonna listen to like green day or something and think "i was born in the wrong generation" little do they know...

  39. That's nothing. They grew plants from seeds found in Tutankhamun's tomb - put there 3,000 years ago. That's life.

  40. It’s cool and the babies are sweet… but the underlying motivation is a disturbing religious absurdity

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