North Korea military "show of force" propaganda video

  1. They must have assumed all those YouTube videos and Dan Brown novels were true. When you learn the Mason's guild runs America, you train accordingly.

  2. Mental note - if going to war with North Korea, don't use stationary bricks or long sticks as your primary weapons.

  3. Reminds me of that scene in Indiana Jones where Indy is threatened by some fancy sword welding assassin and simply pulls out a gun and shoots him lol.

  4. Plot twist, these aren’t special military units, these are special pleasure units for Lady Kim. After the the bare chested guy finishes smashing bricks in public, he performs by smashing her in private.

  5. I think you would have to have a separate job title (MOS) for these cats. Practice all day everyday but fed properly. That’s dedication on par with something like the choreography of their Army band..or actually their entire military. I guess they all practice hard.

  6. So much of military culture is just posturing. Think about how convinced we all were the Russia would steamroll Ukraine in a matter of weeks

  7. He went to school in Switzerland. I can only imagine what he thinks about his own country after his education. I'd love to be a fly on his wall to see how he actually lives day to day.

  8. He seems more like he's bored and disinterested in the whole thing. Compare this to when a basketball player visits him, he's more focused, bigger smiles and more relaxed.

  9. Imagine never having seen kung fu movies and seeing fight choreography for the first time. I wouldn’t be surprised if they thought this was real. Like how Americans were obsessed with karate and kung fu back in the 70s believing all to be effective.

  10. The guy who made a run for it a few years ago had masses of worms in him. When they went in to repair the bullet wounds they where pulling worms out of him. Very sad.

  11. Lol if the head of FIFA got enough money they would make the next world cup there lol. They would be like " North Korea has made a lot of progress when It come to human right they have made it able that all their citizens have at least half a meal every day progress."

  12. I think it was added to imply the US military is weak because they have trans soldiers while the North Korean army is strong because they can karate chop fake cement blocks

  13. That's okay. Jackie could take on dozens of guys at a time. Even if it turned out his movies are only, say, 25% realistic, surely these guys are a match for at least five or six each.

  14. It was that moment Kim Jong Un recognized they need a new punishment method because beating them with wooden poles will no longer work.

  15. As a wrestling this video closely lol. Like when it looks like they put their hand on top of those tiles then the other guy "lines up" the sledgehammer with their the actual swing of the hammer after, where they hit the tile not the hand.

  16. They definitely should pull that old magic trick where someone shoots a revolver at a guy and he “catches” the bullet with his teeth.

  17. Yeah, I really don't get NK's thought process here. All this pseudo martial arts pageantry just looks ridiculous to anyone who's seen a modern military in action in any way.

  18. Meanwhile in America you can find dopey looking people doing this in convention centers all over the place, and they’re not even in the military

  19. I love to think how useless this is. Maybe 1000 years ago it would have value to be that physically tough, but today the best NK superman could be brought down by the lowest mouth breathing private with a gun.

  20. Now put a few rounds of 7.62x39 though him and see if he's just as mean. If things get so fucked that it's down to hand to hand, I'd be amazed if there wasn't a mushroom cloud in the near future.

  21. Bro I can't take them seriously. They're doing this to look tough while literally developing weapons of mass destruction to kill everyone with. When do we send James Bond in to handle this????

  22. What’s up with the dumb woman talking about working in the US military when it’s North Korea. Dumb shits

  23. Ya'll laugh but when they convince the world governments to agree to a winner-takes-all martial arts tournament we are fucked. Kim got the idea from an anime.

  24. Well shit, if wars are fought with hand to hand combat these guys are in luck. For everyone else in the world, 1 random smuck with a pistol would win the fight...

  25. I’m not saying it would necessarily go this way, but I’m picturing the scene in Indiana Jones where the dude is twirling around the swords and Indy just shoots him lol

  26. All that blocking, and hitting…. When suddenly, the whizzing of a bullet puts all this Hollywood action to an arresting halt; proving the all show doesn’t work in the real world😬

  27. But the guys they were facing were also North Koreans, meaning I have no frame of reference still for how strong North Koreans are

  28. Who wins? NK soldier who can kick a brick and break a pole over his head V.S. the cruise missile launched from a ship in the ocean hundreds of kilometers away

  29. I went to China for three weeks to study martial arts. While there, we went to countless demonstrations by other "masters" and how they could break bricks, boards, and bend steel rods, etc.

  30. So is this suppose to scare the rest of the world? Are their army full of these guys or are these guys the only ones in the whole army that can be this good. 😂😂

  31. Reminds me of that middle eastern military demonstration where they could break the vases. And all of this will come in really handy when they invade or are invaded by bricks and pine boards.

  32. Aw, man, a 2X4 made of balsa wood was our secret weapon, too! How ever would we defeat somebody who can (rewinds video)… break curved pieces of ceramic!?!? Let’s just surrender now, guys. We’re outmatched.

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