Richard Jewell, who saved hundreds of lives in Atlanta Olympic bombing 1996, had his entire life ruined by media accusations

  1. I had a good friend who was running audio for the event. His gear was so close to the explosion, the knobs on the mixing console blew off. As Richard was a security guard for the event, he talked to him every day leading up to the event and during. Richard was the one who warned everyone in the mixing booth/tower structure to get away. He saved many lives. My buddy was interviewed multiple times by the FBI about Richard, he told them they were crazy each time.

  2. "A Justice Department investigation of the FBI's conduct found the FBI had tried to manipulate Jewell into waiving his constitutional rights by telling him he was taking part in a "training film about bomb detection"

  3. It's like that with all law enforcement, not just FBI. Read "You have the right to remain innocent". It's only about 100 pages and talks about law enforcement manipulating interrogations to get you to implicate yourself even when completely innocent.

  4. LEOs fought a 14 legal battle to the SCOTUS so they can lie their assess off. It concluded in 1969 with a ruling that they can.

  5. The US is the only developed country that continues to use discredited police practices in interrogations. Not that they're not nice or not moral, they have been proven to not work. They lead to false confessions and taint witness memories, and they lead investigators to false conclusions at rates higher than random chance.

  6. The more I hear about the FBI, the more I'm convinced we need to burn the place down. Let's not forget when they also murdered Randy Weaver's pregnant wife, dog, and young son, all over a minor gun violation they entrapped him into. And then there's Waco, where they murdered dozens of women and children.

  7. These are the same people who investigated Epstein's island and found absolutely nothing of value to share with the American people eh?

  8. Jesus. Was The Blacklist a real representation of the FBI? They’re fucking terrible in that show, a lobotomized amoeba could do a better job than them.

  9. The FBI has a habit of malevolent incompetence. Check out what they did to Bruce Ivins, their suspect for the anthrax attacks. The FBI first targeted Steven J. Hatfill, but he attacked back, publicly calling them out, making them run for cover. The FBI then targeted Bruce Ivins, eventually harassing him until he committed suicide.

  10. They then used selective leaks to friendly (in some cases overly friendly) reporters to try and destroy Jewel's credibility before bringing charges against him. Essentially poisoning the jury pool before an arrest is even made.

  11. The FBI has gotten away with so many awful things. But we still take them seriously, depending on what side we’re on and what they say.

  12. It amazes me that some sad sacks still think their government have their best interests at heart. No sir, you’re a dollar sign. Nothing more.

  13. Exactly my experience with the FBI. Do not ever for any reason report anything to them. If they have no low hanging fruit leads, they will still pursue a target, and that target will be you.

  14. My dad is a retired federal agent. At that time he was under the dept of the treasury, they were working security for the Olympics. July 27th, 1996 he was at the park. According to him he was one of the first agents at the scene. I have his uniform shirt from that day framed in my office.

  15. Anyone who reads this and thinks that it’s a tragedy, but is ok with police profiling people for other crimes, like being Muslim at the airport, feel free to just pipe down

  16. I know it’s on a completely different scale but being accused of a wrongdoing happened to my father, where he lives people cross through sometimes and more than once he found a cell phone on his property. First time he brought it inside and waited for a call and when it came he personally drove over to the persons house to return it, shortly after police showed up because the person said they swore they left it in their car and the windows were down so he must have stolen it. Nothing ever happened, but the two phones he found after that he just tossed into the trash because he didn’t want to deal with that bullshit again.

  17. It’s true. By the fbi not taking the full hit, in saying they fucked up, they set it up so that when it happens again, the cop will only look after themselves.

  18. Yeah but the asinine title having “hero” in quotation marks is already manipulative, deceptive and had an agenda.

  19. I feel so bad for this man. He died young, too. He had some health problems, but I'm sure all of the stress and harassment sped things up considerably.

  20. I cannot imagine being vilified by the press for something that you are completely innocent of. Especially when you did a heros work but get slammed by the press which likely resulted in losing all of your friends.

  21. I was always torn between the idea that the movie is vindication Jewell while at the same time it was made at the height of the "No one trust the news they're all lying" beliefs that conservatives like Eastwood had.

  22. Remember this the next time your on Reddit and "helping" with a man hunt. We know absolutely nothing about what actually happened from in front our screens.

  23. Always a conspiracy theory out there, "I have zero evidence, but this guard doing his job had to have done it! How else do you explain him being there at the scene looking for suspicious things"

  24. So the FBI are the conspiracy theorists now? I thought that title was reserved for people one disagrees with politically. Live and learn.

  25. Maybe the FBI that searched his home twice, questioned his associates, had 24- hour surveillance on him, and tried to manipulate him into waiving his constitutional rights is the main issue here. The media could have done better, but the media didn't just randomly pick a guy. The FBI was all over him.

  26. The media made it sooooo much worse. Tom Brokaw called him guilty on the fucking news. Late night hosts (Jay Leno) joked about him. He got death threats. Had the FBI kept quiet, they might have been more willing to quit barking up his tree snd look elsewhere, maybe even apologize.

  27. Is it the media who ruined his life or the FBI? They suspected him and released their suspicions to the press.

  28. Well, both. The FBI knew the media (especially the AJC) were sleazy, mouthbreathing hacks who would print anything. Using them was just another (lazy) tactic.

  29. Despite the retractions by all accusing parties such as the media and FBI, despite a very well done movie showing how badly they screwed him over, there will always be people who think he did it.

  30. Everyone's gonna read this comment and agree with it, then go on and start freaking out about the next sensationalized media story they hear

  31. That's what happens when we take away federal funding - we get tabloid news journalism motivated by sheer capitalism and clicks, sensationalism becomes their bread and butter, and everything (and everyone) their sustenance.

  32. The media will take a sane man/woman and in 15 seconds convince 90% of the American people and abroad that persons a lunatic. Richard like many people who were good natured. Was turned into a super villain. They whispered his innocence but, broadcasted his false guilt with a bullhorn connected to a moon sized speaker.

  33. Manhunt: Deadly Games. Jewell is played by Cameron Britton. Amazing movie T.V. series that everyone should watch.

  34. I hate that people always leave out that it was FBI that caused that. The media reported what the FBI was telling them. There's a reason he actually lost the case against the news team for slander, they really never reported a blatant lie. The FBI on the other hand...

  35. It would be cool if the media did a bit of digging and fact-checking before outright ruining the lives of innocent people.

  36. Richard Jewell is partially why I am a contrarian and play devil's advocate a lot. I was exposed to his story in real-time just as I was becoming aware of the broader world. I have really strong memories of seeing the newscasts about him and even his eventual exoneration, including his appearance on SNL where he played himself "punching" a Janet Reno impersonator in the stomach.

  37. This should show people that the media doesn't exist to report the facts. It is driven by nothing more than ratings. If they have to embellish, speculate, or just lie, they will.

  38. Then there's those frauditors out there claiming to be "independant journalists", just because they have a shitty youtube channel...

  39. I remember when this happened. He did exactly what he was trained to do and got eviscerated by the media for it. They did it for no other reason than "Munchausen's Syndrome" sold more papers than "guy following procedure saves lives".

  40. And he was an over weight kind of strange guy that lived with his mom. That being the media and FBIs justification, which is disgusting.

  41. Yeah, I remember that. The government and media had everyone wanting a piece of this poor guy. DAMN INTERESTING what false and misleading statements from public and respected sources can have on a person but should be MOSTLY INFURIATING!!

  42. This is why I believe we should make new laws which gives the media a “duty to retract and restore” when they slander someone. Under such laws, they not only have to retract their slanderous statements, they also have to restore their victims’ reputation. Failure to meet these requirements means they filled out all requirements for a guilty judgement in a defamation case.

  43. I mean, they couldn't blame the Republican terrorist who actually committed the bombings, now could they? That wouldn't have been "fair and balanced."

  44. That's terrible and still worth it. Honestly, if your options are to save people from a bomb and have your reputation destroyed or let them die, he made the right choice.

  45. Not surprising, FBI once radicalized a kid, gave him a bomb only it was a fake bomb. They caught him and were treated as heros. I imagine something like that happened here.

  46. I felt so bad for this guy....the news ran with sketch information and made this guy out to be a terrorist ....he deserved more than they gave him in damages

  47. I’m a Georgian and lived (still do) 30 miles from Atlanta. It was deplorable how the FBI treated him. Made up shit about a ‘profile’, tried to trick him, leaked his name to a shitty AJC for a deliberate smear. CNN and NBC jumped in, too. He was a literal Barney Fife, and something FINALLY happened in Mayberry, he did the right thing, and no one from Janet Reno or Louis Freeh down to the APD gave a shit. Eastwood made an awesome movie about it, but the media gave it as little attention as they could get away with (because it made them look as bad as it should have. The press jumped on one inaccuracy (ironic, huh) about a reporter known to drink hard and party, indicating she got the story by sleeping with an agent. Which she might have done, but there’s no proof). When they finally realized, 88 DAYS later, that Eric Rudolph was their man, the FBI fucked that up, too, and continued to fuck up their search of the mountains for years. Arrogant pricks ordering around or dismissing local law enforcement, while showing up to look for an Army vet with loud helicopters and fleets of Suburbans. (Rudolph was eventually captured by a local cop behind a grocery store near the dumpster.)

  48. That’s part of the raw deal! The FBI started to ruin his life, the press (All the press! Every. Fucking. Outlet.) shouted it 5x5 to the whole fucking world, and 88 days later they said ‘oh, about that…mumble mumble sorry dude…

  49. But the media is totally trustworthy and reliable now! They would no longer trade a cute story with factual errors for clicks! That Era is over! /s

  50. That's not exactly what happened. Someone in the Feds leaked that Jewell was the primary suspect in the investigation. The press reported it. That's what happened. It sucks that Jewell got pulled into a media circus but you can't blame reporters who get bad information from official sources. Something we're noticing in increasing frequency.

  51. That’s not exactly what happened. Each media outlet was sued for specific libelous coverage of him. The NY post depicted him as an aberrant person who was probably guilty of the crime. NBC was sued because Tom Brokaw said that “the FBI probably has enough to arrest and prosecute him”. The Atlanta journal constitution compared him to Wayne Williams, a serial killer.

  52. Media helped escalate that whole east coast west coast dumb ass rap beef in the 90s. Probably never know who killed Pac or Biggie.

  53. This kinda crap from media would end up stopping further hero’s from taking action because they would be worried that their life will be ruined because the news needs a scapegoat

  54. The movie was great. From what I recall he was incredibly deferential, super into "assisting" the FBI and had a habit of speaking with the FBI when his attorney had advised against it.

  55. They ruined this guy's life. A handful of years later he ended up dying as a result of a lengthly medical history. Makes you wonder if the extra stress in his life didn't worsen his conditions and symptoms and lead to his death.

  56. Why is there never a consequence for misreporting or deliberately underreporting facts? The shoot and scoot privilege extended to journos makes them completely equivalent to cops. Ruin lives. Suffer no consequences.

  57. So sad… I was living in Atlanta during this horrible undoing . I never once thought he did it . My daughter was in the park the night of the bombing , but her friend got a migraine and as they left the heard the explosion . Thought at first it was the entertainment.

  58. WHAT?! The feds fucked up again? They tried to blame the victim again? They tried to cover it up again? They tried to get the victim to wave his rights cuz they knew they fucked up again?

  59. That dude got a serious raw deal. He should have been regarded as a hero and instead has his entire life turned upside down. It’s why media is hesitant to publish some things now, which may not be a bad thing in some cases.

  60. It was rotten fake news back then, it's still rotten fake news now. Corporate media is the enemy of a free press.

  61. Wait so the media doesn't care about people? How shocking. FBI is just a joke, check out the Waco incident just for more reasons to hate 3 letter government organizations.

  62. Media doesn’t give a shit and will destroy anyone and anything with accusations. Hope he sued the crap out of them.

  63. Just another example of how the media constantly lies, and the FBI is much more interested in getting a conviction than finding the truth. Tell me again why anyone should trust any of these people.

  64. The media and justice department has always done this along with the CIA and continues to this day. This used to be a common understanding to most Americans before Trump came along. Now they are beyond reproach. Before I get downvoted, Trump is a racist nazi fascist rapist hitler agent of Russia and "dangerous to our democracy!"

  65. Our country would function just fine without a general law enforcement agency that has no restrictions on it. FBI needs to be disbanded before it becomes a praetorian guard for a tyrant president.


  67. I whole heartedly recomended the movie Jewell. It tells his story very powerfully, although even that has little to show how much he went through. Man was a pure hero, especially being local Atlanta. Man saved lives, and his entire life was destroyed cause media wanted a story.

  68. I think you meant to say "the FBI leaked to the media that Jewell was a suspect and the media ran with it." And yet the media is blamed.

  69. I can’t remember the name of it, but I want to say there was a limited series on Netflix that re-enacted this. He was a great dude and literally went above and beyond to save many lives. It was a great watch.

  70. And the journalist who did it later killed herself because her career was in shambles after lying about Richard Jewell

  71. Nowadays he'd have been doxxed by idiots on the internet before the media even had a shot at destroying his life for no reason.

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