North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un revealed his daughter yesterday during an intercontinental ballistic missile test

  1. Nothing quite says family quality time like the Holidays....or ballistic missile tests.... Warms your heart!

  2. Who even gets to have him as a father-in-law? Some random general's son? I don't even know where the Kims get their spouses, since they're the only royalty.

  3. Yeah, he also has to start laying the ground work and making clear who his generals should expect his successor to be, because the rumors are that his sister is pretty cutthroat.

  4. I don't know about her at all but Kim grew up in Switzerland playing basketball all day every day, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same for her. I'm sure she's living like any other kid with rich parents and can do and get whatever she wants with the snap of her fingers.

  5. He's said to have three children, it's believed that his daughter here is either his first child (b. 2010) or his second child Ju-ae (b. late 2012-early 2013).

  6. It seems Kim's other relative who was suppose to take over was actually sane. Rumor has it Kim's father wanted him dead because he didn't act like a dictator. He had more progressive democratic views, which is why he was shunned.

  7. Honestly I’m pretty sure she’s under heavy wrap from anything outsides. All she will know is her father, country, it’s traditions. She will most likely grow up into a more dictator like mindset & she’s obligated if her father dies. She could end up a rebel, but those situations are so rare.

  8. This is the second post I’ve seen where it says he “revealed” his daughter, has she been hiding away all her life and this is the first everyone’s seen of her? Just seems a strange choice of word.

  9. I wonder if by him having a steam account, the CIA has tapped steam to monitor his user data and spy on him. I wouldn't be surprised. Seems like an easy opening.

  10. I really like the idea of unhinged dictators at home like normal dads pressured into wii bowling with the kids and having serious discussions about boy bands.

  11. Craziest part of this pic to me is hes holding hands with his daughter. Doesnt sound so weird, but this guy is the son of an extremely cruel dictator and leader of one of the most oppressive regimes on the planet. Just weird to see such a small yet so impactful gesture of humanity from him as well as his potentially nurturing side. She must he a handful to deal with too

  12. I didn’t realize he was back on the 6000 calories a day plan. He seems to have found all the weight he melted off with whatever health scare he had a while ago. I actually thought this was a pictures from a few years ago until I looked at more recent photos online.

  13. So are we all going to make fun of a teenage girl’s physical appearance as if she isn’t a literal kid with a knife to her throat?

  14. You act like Kim wasn't in her exact same shoes during his childhood. It's not so black and white, to plead for her innocence means to plead for his as well to some degree.

  15. I keep reading that as “Kim Jong Un un-revealed his his daughter yesterday during an intercontinental ballistic missile test” and think, hmm… harsh.

  16. Daughter? I thought for sure he was a gay. "Not that there's anything wrong with that".... I miss Seinfeld

  17. I am so very, very curious about how her brain works. I want nothing, I just want to have a day or two to have a conversation with this person. I can't imagine a human being with a different world perception than I.

  18. It would be cool if the preteen child was a smoke show? Like, sources are saying the kid is between 11-13 years old..

  19. Stop referring to the north Korean leaders as "kim" its not a family name its equivalent to "king" in north Korea. Jong-Un is more than enough.

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