The Roman emperor Nero, colorized. Known as one of Rome's most infamous rulers, he was notorious for his cruelty and debauchery. He ascended to power in AD 54 aged just 16 and died at 30

  1. The image reconstruction is also just bad. The cheeks, forehead, nose, ears, and neck are all slightly different giving him a cave troll that lives in his mother's basement editing wikifeet articles vibe.

  2. And the crazy thing is he didn't even smoke, but his mom did five packs a day in between watching soaps and eating pork rinds and screaming at him to bring her more crystal light, so all his clothes reeked of Pall Malls and toy dog hair.

  3. I can see why. According to wiki, he slept with his mother, married and executed one step sister, executed is other step sister, raped and murdered his step brother, kicked his pregnant wife to death and castrated, the married a freed-man.

  4. It's stunning to me that anyone thinks a neckbeard is a good look. Right now there are men out there in the world who have a neckbeard and think that it's working for them.

  5. When I see things like this, and knowing he was a piece of shit, I can’t help but wonder if the genetics that create our faces end up shaping our behavior. Yeah. He looks like an asshole - but would he have been an asshole if he didn’t look like one, and did his look and people’s reaction to his look create an asshole?

  6. Interesting! I think maybe for "normal people," but if you're the monarch and can, say, banish or execute people you don't like, I imagine people would go out of their way to be servile or at least courteous to you no matter what you look like.

  7. Funny thing, I recently met a guy in my city with the same name as me. Even though he's 15 years older than me, we've had shockingly similar lives, career paths, and personalities.

  8. i think generally the perception is that attractive people are meaner. Ive found the reverse to be true in reality, its tough to be ugly. If everyone treats you poorly, youre more likely to treat other people poorly. Also harder to develop social skills and be successful in general

  9. I mean, if I get treated badly for my appearance, I'm going to talk back / voice out, but since the beholder is already biased, it might seem I'm the bad person here. I'm not saying I would go out of my way and act like a dick, but I would defend myself if someone pisses me of with their attitude. But been coping with philosophy so no I didn't let the constant belittling get inside my head. Haters gonna hate hate

  10. Great question. This is something I've thought of as well. There's a pseudo-science called physiognomy that may be of interest to you.

  11. I somehow dated someone who was wayyyy more attractive than me for a while. It’s insane how different people treat you compared to an attractive person, everyone immediately loved her instantly and she never really had anyone try to be mean to her even jokingly. It was like a whole different world.

  12. I don't know how to answer your questions, but I remember this random girl coming up to me at a party in high school. She tapped me on the shoulder and I said, "what's up?" She said, "I don't know you, but I've seen you around school and I thought you were an absolute bitch." Me, "huh, ok?" Her, "well, I see you're a really nice person." Me, "thanks, I try my best. I hope you enjoy the rest of your night. Let me know if you have any problems." I still don't know who she was, but I hope I was able to change one woman's perspective of resting bitch face. To this day it still makes me not judge others based on their face.

  13. Or, do we think that's what an asshole looks like because there is some passive genetic correlation between facial genes and behavioral genes, and we've all subliminally picked up on the trend?

  14. No. In Roman times these ppl were so fabulously wealthy that they absolutely ruled in a way unimaginable now. Their wealth was comparable to present day multi billionaires. But there was no socialism Unions workers rights etc. Free MEN (all women were lesser mortals) and slaves were the only underbelly. Plebs as the free men were called (hence plebiscite.. free vote). Anything better you became nobiles, known men. Where nobility comes from.

  15. From what I've heard, he really wasn't that bad compared to people like Caligula. However, Nero also infamously made a point of targeting Christians and went out of his way to make them his scapegoats. When the Christians eventually took over, they didn't remember him fondly.

  16. National Geographic did a thing on him a free years back saying his enemies ran a very successful smear campaign on him after his death. All those Roman emperors were shit bags, and he was no exception, but he also accomplished some remarkable things while on the throne.

  17. Yeah, it seems he was pretty popular actually. Probably controversial to say the least with the elites who writes the history.

  18. I was looking for this comment, like he did some pretty decent things but would constantly persecute Christians because he regarded them (like many did in Rome) as a cult that refused to give tribute to the gods which in turn would piss the gods off and lead to bad things happening to Rome and Romans

  19. Most of what er know about him is thanks to authors that worked for the Flavians and critized every Claudian. Here you have an article from the British Museum about him and the history behind his legend.

  20. He actually did a lot of good things, like helping rebuild the houses when the city was burnt down, modernising the infrastructures etc. I mean he kinda was a megalomaniac, but when you are the ruler of the greatest empire of the time it's kinda understandable. And he did kill his mother and his tutors because he didnt want to share the power, ok i can't defend that in any way. The senate didn't like him because he wasn't the "warrior prince", he wasn't a conquerer, he didn't care about expanding the empire, that's why historians of that time wrote a lot of bad stuff about him and he has still an infamous reputation to this day.

  21. The whole he fiddled while Rome burned thing probably didn't pertain to the actual fire that happened under his reign. It may've been more allegory as the historical record says he managed the disaster and its aftermath quite well.

  22. The only accounts we have of him are from people who absolutely hated him. He was a pretty bad Emperor but not nearly the worst.

  23. Nero was supposedly removed because he more or less used the bread and circus tactic to garner the lower class vote by building amphitheaters and promoting games, as well as acting, playing music, and competing in chariot games himself which was heavily frowned upon by the elites. He taxed the aristocracy to pay for all this bs on top of it.

  24. Confirmed, he was a good emperor, he was just against Christianity and then he was targeted by propaganda

  25. After the great fire in Rome, Nero was blamed for it. He instead turned the blame on the christians and had an honestly impressive number of fire-satety regulations installed when Rome was rebuilt. Apparently, he was also quite close to the lower classes, which led to bad blood between him and other high-class senators etc.

  26. Even Caligula was likely the subject of fanciful contemporary propaganda. There is a pattern with these situations that there are massive political advantages to propagating these types of outrageous allegations against sitting Emperors who powerful people deem should be removed.

  27. Yep apparently Nero managed well the crisis of the Rome burning , he was personally helping, and even the person which writing against him and was present in that terrible event , confirmed this . We don't have proofs of most of the stuffs, like killing his own mother, hurting his wife or being a coward at his dead. No poeple to witness . Again anti Nero propaganda. He was a decent leader which was hated for not being enough roman (loved greece and to make drama and arts, when romans want a strong general), and too narcissistic by spending too much money from nobles for his palace which pissed them of and triggered his fall Actually in Pompeii, which didn't have these biase against him or in Egypt, they found writing saying he was a decent leader and a loving husband. He bullied Christians because he had no choice, poeple of Roma wanted someone to take the guilt of the burning. Again he followed the roman politic quite well and solved the things how it was asked to him to calm the madness in the city

  28. Thank you so much for this. What an exceptional article, I will probably buy that book to learn more. Changed my entire opinion on Nero and that was so well written too.

  29. The figure of Nero historically suffered by bad press. Most of what we know about him is from authors who worked for the Flavians and actively critized the Claudius. In fact, even the leader of the Partian Empire sended a letter to Rome demanding propper rituals and celebrations for Nero after knowing about his dead, his statues were repaired being damaged by Galva's soldiers and events like him celebrating the fire of Rome is highly devated by historians. To add even more, 7 years after his dead a men appeared in the Partian Empire claiming to be Nero and he was respected and treated as an emperor. Also, there are examples of historical pieces that talk about Nero and apparently he wad hightly lovel by the roman population.

  30. Precisely. An easy way to imagine it is to imagine if in 2000 years, the only surviving source on Obama's presidency were the ramblings of some person calling him a socialist, claiming he's taxing everyone into oblivion, and is a gay muslim prostitute.

  31. Do we know if he had pimples? I think it's weird they added loads of pimples and blemishes while coloring his statue. Do we even know if the Romans had pimples? IIRC non westernized people have less of them, and hunter gatherer societies do not have pimples at all.

  32. With money, he would because there are so many out here that are willing to sell their souls for a bag and matching red-bottom heels.

  33. Recent research suggests that Nero’s statue was made ugly intentionally because he was incredibly unpopular for reasons which are more than understandable.

  34. Not sure how "understandably" they were since by many accounts Nero was very popular with the people. Lots of Roman propaganda going around to discredit Emperors that powerful people wanted to be removed. The same could be said of Caligula as well.

  35. Made ugly? Or the artist didn't make it super flattering? I think a lot of people in the world are appalled by perfectly realistic candid photos of them taken by others.

  36. Today he is the scourge of the highways, dusting regular commuters with black diesel fumes spouting from oversized pipes eminating from his Ill maintained dually pickup truck. Hungover beyond all physical boundaries, chugging Red Bulls on his way to the construction site.

  37. Ya to me there are some “artistic liberties” taken here. Beyond the blemishes it looks like his eyes are slightly crossed, his nose is more hooked, and his smirk is more pronounced to give him a more malevolent and punchable.

  38. He looks really, very inbred. Genetics affect personality and the way we learn to interact with our environment.

  39. Much of Nero's bad reputation is Christian propaganda. They were way worse Emperors than him, but yes he looks like a douchebag.

  40. That and writings from his enemies in the Senate. When your enemies are the only people who are literate then history is going to be lopsided.

  41. The first biblical antichrist and the original 666, you can't get any more hated than having early Christians denounce you and write your name in code.

  42. Isn't this the guy who was mentored by one of Rome's best philosophers (Seneca) and then when came into power ordered Seneca to suicide with hemlock? Real douchebag move there.

  43. No way he could’ve fathomed that we’d be talking about him today right? That something like the internet would exist so people all over the world could shit on him for his personality and looks all these years later? I don’t know what this means, but I feel like I want to live differently now just in case

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