Meet Thomas Wadhouse, known throughout 18th century Yorkshire for a having a 7.5-inch nose. This is his wax likeness. Steve Martin in Roxanne?

  1. Had a big nose. got a nose job... its like night and day. I have like 1/6 more visible area per eye. my vision feels more open now.

  2. Despite the large size of his nose, Wadhouse's nostrils were underdeveloped with a single tubular nostril extending to the far tip of the nose.

  3. I read your comment, kept scrolling, then had to scroll back to upvote you after I got it. Well done

  4. Yep. And a pretty decent modern recreation. Steve Martin's character is even named C.D. And as always, the insult scene is the most memorable part of the whole thing.

  5. The swordfight poem scene from the 1950 Cyrano with Jose Ferrer (who I believe won Best Actor that year, very deservedly) is still one of my favorite movie scenes ever:

  6. It’s very unfair when he can fuck one person and fuck another with his nose and suck a butthole while he’s at it

  7. Wad house is an unfortunate surname for a guy with a penis on his face. You can almost see a scrotum attached at the back

  8. This was my immediate thought upon reading the title and seeing the picture - that somewhere along the line someone misunderstood that it was 7 inches from the spot beneath the middle of his brows to the tip - which is still very impressively long, but this picture seems to be measuring it from the tip to his chin or something

  9. One of our unit receptionists is from Munich. I asked her what that word meant one day. She gave me a very sharp look and got snippy. After further conversation, turns out that is a nonsense word and she though I said Schwanzlutscher, which means ‘cocksucker’.

  10. Another commenter mentioned he had an underdeveloped nasal passage, just one nostril at the tip of his nose. I’d love to watch this dude rip lines like an anteater.

  11. From all that I'm guessing he did not look like the Ripley's recreation in the OP pic. Probably a little more deformed looking.

  12. Looked up the largest recorded nose today and it’s ~3.5 inches. So this guy would have to have the over double the nose length

  13. Yeah this sounds pretty sus. Especially because it's exactly like something political opponents would make fun of each other for in that same time period; grossly exaggerated body traits was peak humor.

  14. This is the comment I was looking for, I knew I couldn’t be the only person who thought of Dr. Livesy immediately.

  15. What is actually happening here? Tumor? Growth? Random genetic mishap? Do the nostrils extend all the way to the tip?? I have so many questions…

  16. I was wondering when someone was gonna remember Gonzo xD All these kids with Squidward and Minecraft on their minds... OG bignose will always be Gonzo

  17. I trust OP realizes that Roxanne was also an adaptation of another story about another big nosed polymath infatuated with a woman named Roxanne.

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