In 1979, Cuba's Fidel Castro was asked if he was wearing a bulletproof vest under his shirt during his trip to New York. This was his response. For context, the CIA had tried to kill him for more than 600 times. Castro managed to survive all assassination attempts and die of old age at 90 years old

  1. Netflix has a Documentary called “Cuba and the Cameraman” and it focuses on the guy in the clip interviewing ppl in Cuba including Castro. Apparently he was the only American cameraman that Castro liked and would give him exclusive interviews to him. This was one of the scenes in the Documentary

  2. Reminds of christinith's husband in the other guys. "I know what you're thinking, I'm hairy all over because of the beard. But I'm completely shaved"

  3. There were a good few assassination attempts on Castro and some of them ended up downright hilarious. The CIA hired a female spy, Marita Lorenz, to try to kill him. When she confronted him alone, he handed her his pistol and told her to go for it. They had sex instead.

  4. The guy who filmed this (John Alpert) made a really interesting documentary about Cuba in general. It's called "Cuba and the cameraman". Starting from the revolution he goes to Cuba every few years and meets the same an new people. You can see how their lives first drastically get better, but after the fall of the Soviet Union get much much worse.

  5. Exactly. Castro knew that the US would be stupid to assassinate him on their soil. Better off trying on his soil, that way some plausible deniability can be had, plus that’d put lots of concern on other world leaders minds if the US offed a world leader on US soil like that.

  6. It's easy to forget that not long ago restaurants used to ask you if you want to sit in the smoking or non smoking section in the US.

  7. Man they really just couldn't figure out how to kill that dude, they have a whole ass wikipedia page on all the shit they tried. Crazy the CIA could kill JFK but not Castro!

  8. The Cia originally was simply trying to discredit and embarrass him. They eventually moved towards assassination attempts, but I don't know how many of those involved shooting him. Probably not many given the fact that they were trying shit like explosive cigars. The CIA could have easily killed every person on that plane if they wanted to, but back then they cared a little bit more about covering up their actions.

  9. Pardon my ignorance but I really don't know much about Castro, was he a bad guy? Or was it all because of the USSR and cold war b.s. that he became a target?

  10. The real answer is that people aren't all one thing. He did things that made others' lives better, he did things that made others' lives much worse. He felt like the good things were worth the bad. Other people disagree.

  11. He was not much better or worse than most leaders in the 20th century, as long as you ignore the murder of those who were opposed to him or who he suspected were challenging his control/authority or otherwise got in his way, made his eggs wrong, etc...

  12. Castro is considered a hero and a revolutionary across the world with the exception of USA, some parts of Europe and some parts of central/South America. Mostly due to anticommunist propaganda and Western capitalist hegemony.

  13. I urge everyone here to read of on the horrible shit the US/CIA has done to Latin American countries. I honestly can’t have a positive view on them after the coup on democratically elected leaders in Guatemala/Chile/Argentina/Brazil/etc. and replaced them with horrible military dictators which killed tens of thousands. Not to mention the funding of fascist death squads during Operation Condor, which killed and tortured innocents suspected of being leftist sympathizing. It’s just disgusting.

  14. Say what you will about Castro, but I'll be damned if that isn't ballsy as hell to go to a country that's tried to kill you without a bulletproof vest

  15. The guy stood for something and defended his country against the strongest world power, surviving multiple assassination attempts in the process. He’s a boss in my book

  16. Are there any good modern books on Castro that cut through some of the bullshit that likely exists about him due to our (the USA) hate on for the guy? I’d love to read something that tries to be as honest as possible about him, both good and bad.

  17. I'd recommend the podcast Blowback, it is basically an audiobook starting from the colonial time under Spanish rule of Cuba, and ending in 2021 (that was when it was released). All the sources for the podcast are in the official website. If you want to go even deeper you can check those.

  18. Man j have such conflicting emotions about that guy. My family comes from Cuba and left because the Castro government was taking over. Much of what I know about him is from family bad-blood and pop culture.

  19. Yeah, it even says "more than 600 times" and that by the US/CIA alone. That is like every 18 days in the span over 30 years or every weekend over the span of 11 years. What is the source for that?

  20. The US has used embargoes, and it’s own political clout to insist that other countries embargoed Cuba since the early 60’s in order to force Cuba to capitulate. The US has kept Cubans poor. Despite this, everyone in Cuba has a home, free healthcare, and a job.

  21. I have no doubt the CIA tried to kill him numerous times, but this claim is wildly exaggerated to a comical degree. 600 assassination attempts would be once per month for 50 years, just to put that claim into context.

  22. I don't think the number is as exaggerated as you think. There is a documented attempt in the year 2000. By that point Cuba was 100% not a threat to the US and the Cold War was over. If they were still trying at the time, how many times do you think they tried during the Cold War?

  23. He was horrific dictator. That being said, I think its deeply disturbing the US tried to kill him so many times. He deserved it, no doubt, but there's something about a very powerful nation doing everything possible to control a smaller nation that just rubs me the wrong way.

  24. Over 600 times? What kind of incompetent people were doing that? We could assassinate Castro pretty easily. Why would it take over 600 failed attempts to realize that you AND the rest of the team suck ass at your job???

  25. What’s hilarious is all the people here calling Castro a horrible tyrant because he held power through force. He didn’t have a whole lot of options to do otherwise because the US repeatedly demonstrated it would make the decision for the Cuban people if they had any degree of democracy.

  26. The absolute blindness for most here to not mention Batista's US backed military dictatorship that essentially sold one of the most economically strong Latin American countries to American Elites and Mafia which resulted in the revolution is just insane.

  27. I know this guy gets glamorized in the USA but this motherfucker stole many lives and separated many families solely because of his ego. Fuck him.

  28. It always saddened me to see people like Castro, who had the potential to do extreme good, committing such evil acts. The things he could have done with his power if he had a better moral compass

  29. Ya, anyone taking this 600 figure as definite truth just has a hate boner for our government in general. I mean that's not to say the CIA has never tried to assassinate him, who knows. But I doubt they'd attempt over a handful of times, let alone fail a handful of times.

  30. If you admire this guy, fuck you. He completely ruined Cuba and did other horrible stuff, and his infernal politics have leaked to Venezuela, also ruining that country. If you haven’t lived in any of these countries, no matter how much you think you know about communism and socialism: YOU-DON’T-KNOW-SHIT.

  31. Of all dead dictators Reddit seems to be very obsessed with this comepinga, incidentally Reddit knows jackshit about Cuba and it’s at the very least very missinformed about our history, country and the reality those trapped in the island go by every day.

  32. It always annoys me that the " fact" that the CIA tried to kill him 600 times is always repeated when the original source for it, Fabian Escalante, was the head of the state security department. Aka, the guy whose job it was to prevent Castro getting assassinated.

  33. LMFAO 😂😂 If the CIA tried to kill him SIX times he'd be dead.....6 times over. Let alone 600..... Who believes this trash?? 🙄

  34. The worst dictator in latin America, sad that he died bleeding through his behind. Instead of hanging him in the Plaza de la Revolucion in front of everyone

  35. Why are we glorifying the guy that instituted a murderous regime that suppresses all human rights and systematically impoverishes the Cuban people?

  36. Thats because the story the CIA was trying to kill him was for the masses. If they wanted him dead,it would be done.

  37. I find Castro very charismatic. I remember when Ted Koppel interviewed him on Nightline for an entire program. Or maybe it was a whole-week series on Cuba, that part I don't remember. But even speaking through a translator, Castro's personality came through and was arresting. And I find him so in this clip.

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