American military pilot seems to be taking a very specific flight path near a Russian military base in Syria

  1. And it only cost my entire lifetime net worth in tax dollars for jet fuel while people in my country die because one dose of insulin is $5000

  2. not true, but close! Jet fuel for even the F-35 is about 10 000 USD per hour. that probably took him under 2 hours to create, but i dont know the actual scale either so idk.

  3. It was a KC-135. It's primary job is to fly in circles and be a flying gas station. The only sad part is that the pilots were so inaccurate but it's probably at least partially the radar's fault since it seems to be losing and picking up the plane sporadically.

  4. Yeah, our taxes are being put to good use. who needs a well funded education and medical services. Let's pour all our money on for weapons to have a strong hold on world with our NATO minions and start ww3.

  5. I think it’s a brilliant idea to keep intimidating other countries until a war breaks out. Because war is such fun.

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