The size of Ukraine if it were within the United States

  1. Ukraine is a weird and fickle thing, Schrodinger had a hard time studying it.... As it is amorphous an ever-changing. Once captured and held inside of the US it maintains a stable size, but once placed back into its original habitat it becomes a completely amorphous blob with no consistent parameters.

  2. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬F u Albert my mom is not fat she maybe weights 7 x 1019 tons but i will dig you up and bury u again

  3. Specifically helps Americans in the Northeast/Midwest relate. As far as land area, it’s as if Russia stole New Jersey, Deleware, half of Maryland, and most of Virginia.

  4. Really depends on who's driving and what they're driving. I made it from Newark to Kalamazoo in 9 hours, and Kzoo ain't but an hour and a half from Chicago.

  5. It really annoys me that this is partially imposed over Canada. If the title is “United States” it should not be in Canada at all. Just lower Ukraine, or title it “North America.”

  6. How’s that “damnthatsinteresting” material I’m confused Do you guys feel ecstatic when you look at the globe ?

  7. The Americans really won the lottery with their country, massive amount of fertile land, massive amounts of strategic resources, 1,000's of miles of ocean between her and her enemies, friendly neighbours etc. No wonder Americans think God is American.

  8. Yeah, we didn't follow some pasty faced lords in to wars because they were angry at a slight 700 years ago. Funny how that worked out.

  9. It's gonna be more convenient now that Ukraine is moved on top on DC. This way the MIC can directly pump billions of dollars in weapons to them while not advocating for any kind of peace agreements.

  10. Ukraine have offered conditions for peace, it's up to Russia to take them. Why should the West reward genocide by conceding to Putin?

  11. is this particularly interesting? countries are of varying sizes, i can see being wowed by countries exaggerated by the mercatur projection but Ukraine isn't that distorted

  12. Let's superimpose it over these huge lakes, part of the ocean and part of Canada. I think it would have been better to put it over the center of the US and letting us really see the size. Not really digging the spot that was chosen

  13. That just makes what Russia took even more embarrassing. They only have what is essentially a really tall new jersey

  14. And we still have European turoist that says they plan to visit Chicago, NYC and DC in 2 weeks by driving instead of flying.... lel

  15. So you're saying they lost a territory the size of New Jersey? You think Russia would be willing to take Jersey from us instead? Pretty please?!

  16. This image kind of gave me an idea: What if the U.S. held a referendum in which Ukraine was declared to be annexed as a U.S. state. That would give the U.S. the obligation to send the Ukrainian military the exact same level of weapons that all U.S. states possess. Once the invaders are defeated and kicked out, the referendum would be ruled as constitutionally invalid and without any force and effect.

  17. Of all the places within the contiguous United States to place Ukraine, why here? Like part of it is in Canada.

  18. Ukraine fascist how? It's being invaded by a fascist genocidial terrorist nation. Is that what you meant? :)

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