Previously unseen footage of Congressional leaders on January 6th evacuating the capitol and requesting urgent assistance from DOJ and the national guards of Maryland and Virginia

  1. It never fails to catch me off guard how fucking ridiculous this whole thing was. I never, ever thought I’d see this shit. I was watching at home when it first began thinking, “lol these dumb fucks are gonna get it now.” And then absolutely nothing happened. I was astonished.

  2. Especially after watching protesters get beaten and gassed all summer for BLM protests. It was then I realized how fucked this country is

  3. I saw the MSNBC broadcast where the police basically let them in, and I knew instantly I was seeing the culmination of a plan. They weren't even supposed to be on the steps or that close to the building.

  4. Kind of makes you realised how privileged they are. In many other countries, if you and a group try to storm a government building with the intent of harming an official, you'll all be shot immediately without mercy. These people really just walked up, did all this and went home.

  5. Hard for them "to get it" when the capitol police opened the doors and waved them in to the building and took selfies with the people they let inlol.

  6. I was at work and a couple pro Trump coworkers were like "we're getting the country back" I was quite confused with those statements till I found out later a bunch of rednecks raided the capital. The more I watched, the more ridiculous the whole situation was. We got some stupid people here, lol

  7. Nobody showed because trump told everyone to stand down for hours. He wanted it to work and was willing to let people die for it.

  8. What’s crazy is how calm people are (maybe edited). They wouldn’t be the first government in history to be ripped apart by an angry mob, yet they were getting things done, barely any noice from outside. Safe rooms amirite?

  9. It's crazy that we're getting to see what Pelosi was actually doing while they were calling for her head and tearing apart her office. Truly crazy shit.

  10. One cop said on TV that he considered shooting but decided not to because the mob would overwhelm him. So he chose to use words to de-escalate the situation.

  11. Think about the BLM riots where they were shooting rubber bullets at peoples heads and putting eyes out. This was planned. I’m not saying all the capital police were in on it but command was at the very least.

  12. almost all police in the country are pro trump. its straight up idiocy to think they would prevent something like this. they would be in the crowd at the time.

  13. People making me laugh with the whole, “This is filmed, it must be staged…” We live in a world where people can flip a phone out in .7 seconds to record bum fights, fast-food flip outs, drunken street fights, and to perform crappy TikTok dances in front of dear ol’ Gam-Gams open casket…

  14. This footage just happened to have been captured by Speaker Pelosi’s own daughter. Alexandra Pelosi is a documentary film producer, and she was at the Capitol that day as she was making a documentary about her mother.

  15. Steve Scalise came out this summer saying Pelosi did not want questions asked why she did not call for help. Yet, there he is as she is calling for help. The GOP are nothing but traitors.

  16. Not only that, but most of them can only dream of being half the man Pelosi was in that moment. Very cool, composed and still trying to do her job. I can’t sleep at night knowing how much cowardice the Republican Party represents.

  17. Trump was literally sitting around in a private dining room, tweeting the exact same inflammatory rhetoric he spewed at his rally beforehand while watching Fox news covering the attack on the Capitol. Through tweets, he told his supporters to continue to press on, continued expressing the stolen election lie, and explicitly condemned Mike Pence for not having the "courage" to simply overwrite the electoral results and make Trump a winner. When spurred on to denounce the attack, he said it was antifa. When challenged on it, he said some people love Trump more than others. He did all this, while watching the attack FOR 3 HOURS, before he finally tweeted telling everyone to go home. The first and only action the sitting president took to stop that attack. He made zero efforts to contact the secretary of defense, the attorney general or the secretary of homeland security, all organizations within his control to mobilize for these exact scenarios. It was criminally negligent at best, outright seditious conspiracy at worst.

  18. Call me a sap, but, seeing their determination to see it through -- 'the people's business' of certifying the election -- despite the 5+ hours of turmoil and potential danger ... well, it put a lump in my throat. Because that... that is patriotism.

  19. Over 25% of people it feels like nowadays. Just casual anti-vax. Casual kkk/nazi shit. Casual flat earth shit. Casual election was stolen shit. I’m in California and I still feel like these right wing brain worms are infecting everyone. It’s terrifying.

  20. Don’t understand how cops had such damn good trigger finger control on J6 around all of those Neanderthals. Almost suspiciously so.

  21. Federal police training standards are leaps and bounds better then local training academy’s. Not only that but most have additional training requirements after for their specific departments, capital police have a difficult hiring process.

  22. What you gonna do with an armed mob of hundreds running at you? As soon as you start shooting you're only going to escalate the situation and be an even bigger target than you already were.

  23. It's really perplexing that the domestic terrorists who invaded that day aren't being charged with treason and given jail time and or losing their American citizenship and being exiled from this country.

  24. That's the thing. Unfortunately our country is full of literal millions of insane and far from okay people who think this is justified because they support Trump and anything he does. Seriously they worship him like he's fucking God. Never before have we seen so many people brainwashed by a president before. He has the same level of control as Hitler, look at how his sheep listen to him and how he controls them. They're brainwashed

  25. And then incited the most disorganized and sloppy coup in human history. With a bunch of basement dwellers who won't move out of their grandma's house.

  26. Personally I’ve never liked Pelosi much in the past based off some of her political actions, but seeing how well she maintained herself and helped lead during this situation with a level head and strategic on the fly thinking was actually quite refreshing. I think it’s the type of leadership Americans need to see more examples of. (Doesn’t absolve her of her past actions, but definitely has earned some points in the past few years).

  27. That's how they keep the right under their control. Continue to push that libs are a bunch of idiots and that the right wing people are the smart ones. It's a big game, and Fox News keeps their viewers extremely brainwashed.

  28. Every single one of those traitors should've been thrown in prison for life. Breaking into the US Capitol and doing what they did is treason.

  29. How short the memory of Americans are. These people are still out there and the person responsible for it all has yet to face any consequences.

  30. Compare that with the earlier videos of Bannon and Stone dropping the F-bomb left and right was very indicative of who's got self-control and civility--and who doesn't. It's lazy, demeaning speech that betrays lazy, demeaning thinking. (Don't get me wrong, I swear way too much but not to try and prove I'm a badass, which I definitely am not!)

  31. And then the republicans all went to exonerate trump during his impeachment. And most of them still hold his water. The republicans will go down in history as the biggest fucking cowards to ever have lived.

  32. I watched Fox News for a few minutes earlier today - it was right after the hearings let out and it was the Martha McCallum show. Her guests were convinced that 'as soon as Republicans take back the House and the Senate' in November that the 'lame duck Congress' will fall apart and, of course, all the new Republican reps will take over in January and stop all this witching huntin' on poor dear Donald. They actually think they're going to take control of Congress after the Rowe v. Wade reversal debacle. The 'party of small government' wants to be in your bedroom and doctor's office with you, at the same time as they're three feet up Trump's ass.

  33. America tried (and succeeded) to elect the next president of the United States, those people tried to stop them. Their actions were not those of patriots, they were actions of those who were complicite in a coup to overthrow the established government in favor of their own, and they failed.

  34. I'm glad to have you on the side of sanity, but the best thing you can do to end this is talk to your fellow republicans, even if it's hard and even if (when) they call you a closet liberal.

  35. These details anger me more than ever... yes, I understand the need for law abiding militias in case our government ever actually does go full on corrupt. But the fact one loser motherfucker in orange started this pisses me off to my core. These soft room temperature pudding brains decided to attack our capital while chanting USA, USA... then have the balls to demand they bring senators out so they could harm them... God I pray Trump gets his before this is over. And I'm not religious

  36. Normally not the biggest Pelosi fan but she handled this situation with poise. She had no intelligence on how bad the situation was or if everyone got out. Those are the moments where intelligence and leadership take over.

  37. Trumpers are an embarrassment to this country. Any one that bought his flags and trusted his lies and risked their livelihood that day all got duped. He's no more than another politician telling people what they want to hear so he can get more power and money. He was the very same establishment they pretend to fight against.

  38. "I'm rich. Like, really really rich. Send money." And they do. It'd be hilarious if it wasn't so lethally corrupt.

  39. To be fair in the eyes of the World we have much larger stains and this does not even registers for them, because the coup has failed. Not enough Americans understand how close this was to a coup success, leave alone foreigners.

  40. Boy, these domestic terrorism sympathizers sure make it easy to spot themselves on what they think is anonymous social media.

  41. It also further trolls most of MAGALand that the only one who was taking charge and being cool throughout all of this was a woman

  42. This year I have enjoyed watching these rioters get turned in by their families and former friends, each one nabbed by the FBI, charged and convicted. Hundreds of cases slowly, carefully done by the DOJ. The website that lists them all and their crimes and sentences? Heaven.

  43. Ahh, nothing brings the violent mouth-breathers out of their double-wides like Nancy does. I hope she lives to 135 just to spite them.

  44. And then the republicans all went to exonerate trump during his impeachment. And most of them still hold his water. The republicans will go down in history as the biggest fucking cowards to ever have lived.

  45. no matter how many times I see this stuff it still shocks me that it happened. I had my baby and two days later my husband and I drove our family from GA to FL and the cable guy was hooking up our TVs as this was going on. I wasn’t anywhere near my phone because I was managing my three little toddlers while keeping my newborn content in our brand new home with nothing put together. My husband came into the room we were in and said “are you seeing this” and I was clueless… I feel like that every damn time I watch the footage, new or old- still just as shocked! Fucking Hell!

  46. They pretty clearly go over all of that in the committee hearings. 🤷 He basically sat in a dining room watching this unfold, hoping this would be successful, and doing nothing to stop it, after his attempt to join the insurrection were thwarted by secret service.

  47. NGL this is the most I’ve ever respected pelosi. She handled it with the calm and poise that a leader needs in situations like this

  48. Boss Lady Pelosi is handling shit. There is a reason she's in charge. Her Father was a politician and she's been in this life her entire life. She's also a mother to 5 kids. Nancy knows how to get it done. She's not off crying in a corner. Mitch McConnell is completely deferring to her. He's well aware that she is the "Man for the job".

  49. She is the best! Truly a remarkable woman and fierce leader who sticks true to American values. Her leadership and dedication to the science throughout this Covid-19 pandemic was part of my inspiration to transition to a woman. 💕

  50. You know the January 6th insurrection solidified my switch to the democratic party. Joke’s on them I guess.

  51. You know, personally, I hate politics, would rather not vote, and kind of think biden's a joke, however I voted in every election and in 2022 I'm voting blue down the damn ballot because I'm paying attention to what's happening. Welcome to the right side of History Joey.

  52. Did they already have a steady cam film crew filming Nancy at the time or something? This looks like a documentary the way they’re intentionally filming every phone call they made.

  53. Not uncommon when major events go down - they know documenting it will be very important. It happens all the time. It's just not often the footage gets released.

  54. Washington DC actually said they did not want the national guard there even though everyone knew there were going to be protests. Kinda weird. Don’t understand why they didn’t want to have a security presence at the capital

  55. I wish there would be another footage from the GOPs side and how they reacted and said when they were in their hideouts.

  56. My sister is a Conservative. She thinks that was important. She says that Americans have a Constitutional right to overthrow the government if it’s not serving the will of the people. Well that’s all fine and dandy, but if you don’t have enough Americans on your side it’s not the will of the people—instead of American majority you became traitors. All of those people should be punished by the same set of laws that these people are citing.

  57. The reasons for the riot were stupid but the anger against the different governing bodies was and still is very much real. Left or right, everyone is fed up with lies and corruption, it's just a question of time before something else happens.

  58. This is what people fail to realise is people are fed up on both sides. You have geezers like Pelosi that have been there for life nothing changes

  59. Real leadership there! Unlike that draft dodging sexual predator narcissistic twice impeached mafia wannabe racist liar COVID super spreader Russian asset spy business failure do nothing Anti American democracy busting POS

  60. Trump is a fucking piece of shit and a traitor to this country. Too bad we don't execute traitors anymore. The Rosenbergs got the chair for doing less than this cock gobbler has.

  61. The fact that the people who created/organized/executed this failed coup are still not in jail is a continuation of the many law enforcement failures of that day. The whole country has probable cause at this point to arrest/indict/whatever mr trump on various charges across numerous cases, including the ones that green lit the search warrant for docs unrelated to the whole “coup” thing. He honestly might need to be taken down by citizens if our law enforcement is either unable or unwilling to do it. Prove me wrong merrick!

  62. Im not on ANY side other than for the people, so watching all these theives and crooks squirm and actually fear the might of the people is like candy to me. I think they should all be locked up, Trump, Pelosi, Biden, Rep. or Dem. matters not because they are all the same.

  63. There has always been a direct, visible line between Trump and his execution for capital crimes. Lets just do it, and then end death penalty

  64. I understand Nancy Pelosi's daughter is a filmmaker who was coincidentally (or not) at the Capitol that day. Would this be some of her footage?

  65. Trump told them to leave and most of them didn’t do what’s someone else voice gonna mean to them if even trump couldn’t get them to leave. These people are so privileged I swear.

  66. That moment when Pelosi is told that those on the House floor were putting on gas masks and preparing for a breach.

  67. They got worse than the rioters who burned a church across from the White House and made things so bad that Trump was put in a bunker.

  68. This video is beyond appalling. These people should all be in jail for treasonous acts against our government. The Trump base needs to be disbanded before this happens again in 2yrs. No more lies passed on as facts. Trump should be considered a baeeless cult leader at this point for this treasonous act

  69. It is wild that they had to go through that. Nonetheless, I can’t stand the fact that Nancy pelosi is worth $200 million while her state salary is $200,000… the amount of insider trading done ON BOTH SIDES of the government needs to be talked about more

  70. This is just crazy. I can't believe people would have the audacity to siege one of the most protected buildings in the world. Every single person involved is a traitor.

  71. For the people saying it’s staged, I think they have more things to worry about then gathering this much people, destroying the white house, all in an attempt to frame Trump lol. That orange with wig is not worth this much effort.

  72. What was she referring to at the beginning when she says “We need to finish the proceedings or else they will have a complete victory”? Was she referring to the rioters or the republicans?

  73. Bunch of treasons bastards that all basically got away with. Leadership has. Makes me ashamed to of served this country of fools and selfish mouth breathers.

  74. They are planning another attack. The Republicans are arming, organizing and coming again. Defend democracy good people - defend the constitution and defend the United States of America. The Republican fascists are here, in our house - and we must defend it. All rise!

  75. It still boggles me that there wasn’t any riot police. If it was a blm peaceful protest they would have sent out everyone.

  76. 100% by design from the WH. They wanted anarchy to invoke the insurrection act and take power. They were going to invoke the insurrection act AGAINST THEIR OWN PEOPLE…

  77. We can vote all we want, and pass all the laws. But it is only a matter of time. A decade at most, before we wake up and these guys and climbing though our bedroom windows. Armed to the teeth.

  78. No matter how many laws he breaks, lives he endangers, there is still little chance that Trump will see the inside of a jail cell or casket. Yet, will most likely be on the ballot for the pleasure of his many American followers. The next civil war should be quite interesting.

  79. My opinion is that false information from outside countries such as Russia, stoked the flames of discontent in the US. BLM riots showed people that you can riot and nothing will happen to you. For example, getting arrested and put in jail. All law enforcement backed down and retreated. It empowered the disillusioned populous to do whatever they wanted, like throw the current government into chaos. This whole riot on January 6th, was not just an ordinary protest, it got way out of hand.

  80. Dangerous and lazy thinking in all aspects of life. Even if 99% were “traitors” you’re still wrong about the 1%, therefore completely wrong.

  81. Nancy Pelosi has more Courage and Wisdom than most people in the Government! Thank you Madame Speaker! 👍😌💪

  82. They have cameras recording every time the are in the chamber…My dude, they were live-streaming before the riot happened. Do you live under a rock? Ofc the cameras are going to keep rolling

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