Qatar Rules for Fifa World Cup

  1. It’s interesting how purposely vague that “immodesty” rule can be. Seems like Qatars police can arrest almost anyone they don’t like under the guise of “immodesty”

  2. People gotta stick to their guns and not watch the World Cup, especially on legal broadcasts. If fox sports (US) and the other channels broadcasting the World Cup have shit viewership then FIFA will actually change or the advertisers will force them. Not buying products from the main sponsors would also help. Obv don't fucking go to Qatar. Fuck following their BS rules and fuck putting money into their economy, which them for the slavery and oppressive laws. As much of a boycott as possible.

  3. And you wouldn’t be able to take pictures of anything either since there will be people everywhere (and players on the pitch) that you can’t get permission from first.

  4. I worked in Doha last summer and fall and was talking to the nationals about this. At the time they said the government was going to charter a bunch of big cruise boats and dock them off the coast…if you get too drunk in public or outside of your hotel you’ll get hauled to a drunk tank ship and only be let off for your games (as a visitor).

  5. That’s the first thing I thought of…you’re telling me that you will control crowds at the biggest event on the planet and keep them from being drunk and swearing? You might as well just arrest everyone visiting beforehand to save you some time!

  6. "Qatar Welcomes You!".. Right... Not to mention the death toll for constructing the stadia and the environmental travesty of open air climatisation in the desert. Glad that many are choosing to boycott.

  7. "Please make sure you tolerate our complete intolerance. Also, there will be no tolerance of not tolerating our intolerance."

  8. Also, if you are an LGBTQ+ photographer who likes music and swearing while drinking cocktails with your girlfriend who likes small dresses you better revisit your plans and stay at home

  9. So you get a WC that happens in the Winter for the first time in its history that has essentially messed up the whole EPL & UCL schedules and now everyone attending is under the eye of Sharia law. Nice one you greedy money whoring FIFA bastards. Nice one.

  10. Just think it could have been held in Australia instead in July where it is the middle of winter and the daily temperature average was a chilly...uh... 19c, in my city.

  11. Sadly, nobody cares about those people who have died because they come from 3rd world countries like Bangladesh.

  12. The higher-ups in Qatari society practice a good 60% of these activities every single day, and the sharia police just ignore it. Absolutely garbage country. A literal shithole.

  13. Wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing turns out to be a massive disaster and ends up being canceled.

  14. Let's just take the moment to see the list of sponsors of this World Cup, which violates basic human rights:

  15. No, because it’s not an official poster, it’s made up by some random fundamentalist. It would be like me posting rules made up by some far right Christian fundamentalist in America and posting it trying to make everyone in America seem like them.

  16. I searched around last night and went through the official website and tried to do some reverse image searches and could not find anything for this.

  17. Because of the privatization of energy production. Western elites need that black gold to turn into gold- uh GOLD!

  18. Hey no they died of “natural causes” like, random collapse totally not from horrible work conditions, suicide not at all related to being treated as less then human, and, our favorite, undetermined.

  19. Well actually, I hate to be that guy but 6500 deaths is not just for the WC. That is the TOTAL migrant worker deaths.

  20. Why the fuck are they allowed host a world event when they're so far behind the modern rules most of the world lives by? Bycot Fifa World Cup!!!

  21. Qatar welcomes you unless it doesn't. Respect our religion by allowing us to not respect your identity

  22. lmao 'welcome!' no dating! no kissing! no yelling! no nothing!---reminds me of the old 3 stooges short set in the 1600's while trying to go hunting

  23. Seriously, what a load of shit this is. Qatar can go fuck itself and FIFA can go FUCK itself for allowing this crock of shit to transpire. I hope there’s a huge revolt.

  24. Neymar’ll be 34 by the next WC. Messi and Ronaldo are 35 and 37 respectively. I doubt this WC will be Neymar’s last unless (hopefully not) he suffers from injuries in the coming years.

  25. I'm someone who has grown up with football, absolutely mad for it and love playing too. First time I'll not be watching a tournament, it's abhorrent.

  26. Why has FIFA sold out to human rights abusing dictatorships with golden palaces? And why are fans spending their money to reimburse this organization that doesn’t care about them?

  27. Lol anyone going for a holiday to a fascist state deserves to be treated this way. Watch where u spend ur money!

  28. Why are FIFA officials not under massive investigation for awarding this World Cup to Qatar? Surely it's the most obvious case of bribery in history and should be easy enough to prove?

  29. people say the west is oppressive. Sometimes these people need to look at other countries and what they still consider laws

  30. "Qatar Welcomes you! Anything that make you you, though, you can leave that behind. Shut up about the migrant workers or you're going to accidentally drown in the gulf."

  31. No drinking? Really. If I were Fifa I would cancel the event and hold it somewhere I can sell drinks and people can be free.

  32. The no alcohol is slightly inaccurate. There will be licensed places that people of age can legally but alcohol, they will also be serving it in designated areas outside the stadiums before and after matches but they won’t be serving any in stadiums during matches.

  33. Basically if you enjoy freedom don't go to a country with theocratic rule. Maybe stay home and watch on TV.

  34. Welcome to Duloc Such a perfect town Here we have some rules Let us lay them down Don't make waves Stay in line And we'll get along fine. Duloc is a perfect place. Please keep off of the grass Shine your shoes Wipe your...

  35. And the winter Olympics is following this absurdity up with allowing Saudi Arabia to host WINTER GAMES!?!? wtf... Tell me that these organizations aren't corrupt.

  36. I have visited Qatar, and have travelled extensively throughout the Middle East, but the older I get the less I feel that the global community should pander around outdated and oppressive societies. I know the issue isn’t so simple, but I genuinely feel that if your going to be included in international leagues, sports, events, etc - especially as a host country - than you have to accept that we live in an increasingly global, and small world, and your ideology is primitive at best.

  37. Dammit, and I really wanted to watch and cheer on Team Canada! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 Hate supporting events that are in countries with backwards views

  38. Been a football fan since the World Cup in Japan and South Korea in 2002, but I’m not watching a single game of this shitshow. In fact, I started ignoring this World Cup the day Qatar got to host it

  39. No loud music or sounds... Thats the whole spirit of the world cup. Music, drums, chants, screams. TF?

  40. Chaperones are required for couples who are dating, usually a man from the girl's family. No intimacy is allowed until marriage.

  41. "Reflect your respect" by disrespecting women and anyone who doesn't agree with your ancient, horrible rules. What a fun country.

  42. So if the players or refs or whoever don't want their pictures taken? Are the photographers all getting fined? Like, how is any of this enforceable? Sorry Qatar, just accept that by taking on hosting duties, this is what you have to deal with for that period of time

  43. Damn FIFA just lets any back water nation host the World Cup it seems. At least tens of thousands of migrant workers didn’t die preparing for the games. Wait.

  44. European fans second sport after Soccer is Drinking, dating and loud music. So let’s see how that works out. If you are thinking about bringing out the “Morality Police” out to control them, good luck, their third sport is Bar Fighting.

  45. Wow looks like it's going to be the a fun world cup. Ok everyone just sit in your seats quietly with your hands to yourself.

  46. Just Google searched for Qatar and pedophilia. Didn't turn up much. I am going to assume it is rampant like most Muslim countries. For all the bad things the US is, most of you have never left this country. We like to bitch and moan about how bad it is here. A lot of you have zero idea how good we really have it here.

  47. Why did the FIFA organization allow them to host a world cup if this is the rules for the attendees?

  48. Why would they have this event in a caveman country? Fuck their fake beliefs. If I had to go I would make sure to bring Drakkar Noir and white BMW M3 Hotwheels to hand out if I got in a sticky situation. They can't resist.

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