A day in the life of a herd of around 60 guinea pigs

  1. "Oh yeah what are you gonna do? Release the dogs? Or the bees? Or the dogs with bees in their mouth and when they bark they shoot bees at you?"

  2. And we Head to Jim for traffic. Jim, how is it looking out there? Well John, if you’re trying to go east bound outside of guinea pig tunnel you might be waiting a bit with some back to back traffic to get downtown!

  3. Jim, this is Gayle at the anchor desk. Is there any way to avoid? I could see Thanksgiving road was also blocked by a large, slow moving vehicle as well?

  4. This is why you befriend the local crows. They’ll keep your airspace predator free. Mine regularly dive bomb and drive away hawks.

  5. I have owned guinea pigs before and they are cute but they are also super easy prey. They are grazers that constantly have to eat, like if they go a few hours without food they could literally die. So always distracted by food, loud as fuck and even at full speed they are incredibly slow compared to a lot of other prey animals. It really just seems their only purpose for existing is to feed predators.

  6. My cousin has a few chickens and her trouble is hawks. She lost a couple hens before she closed the whole area in with fence and netting. These guinea pigs look like a feast.

  7. Ever tried it? I'm curious how they taste. Rodents usually don't look like food to me, but those cute little bastards would look good on a grill for some reason.

  8. What's the payoff? I mean, why herd Guinea pigs? You can't milk 'em, they're too small to ride, and I've never heard of Guinea pig meat. And surely, these are big enough to hand off to pet stores if they're just giant incubator farms ..?

  9. This is pure speculation but I think they’d make great assassins. No one would suspect them because they’re so small and if you put a fake moustache and a pair of glasses on them they’d just blend into the crowd.

  10. I mean they are used for meat in some places in south america, but i'm assuming this video is like a sanctuary or a rescue or something

  11. You got to starve the pigs for a few days, then the sight of a chopped-up body will look like curry to a pisshead. You gotta shave the heads of your victims, and pull the teeth out for the sake of the piggies' digestion. You could do this afterwards, of course, but you don't want to go sievin' through pig sh*t, now do you? They will go through bone like butter. You need at least sixteen pigs to finish the job in one sitting, so be wary of any man who keeps a pig farm.

  12. The payoff is the fact that they squeak but I bet the owner just has alot of money and wanted to do it.

  13. This made me smile like an idiot and genuinely made me feel better for a couple of hours after, just remembering and smiling again. Thank you.

  14. I have had four of those little bastards as pets, they are good but not as fun as a dog. In the other hand I have read in parts of South America they eat them as others eat chickens.

  15. Is it a herd, though? I understand a group of rats is a ‘mischief’ so what would a group of Guinea pigs be called?

  16. It’s interesting how they move, as if they move, and then stop and then process everything, and anticipate what they are doing next en than move. Is this how their brains works?

  17. But is that extremely annoying "Here comes the sun - the Elevator Edition" also playing there or was that added to the video for god knows what reason?

  18. The smell... I got a guinea pig in elementary school who ended up being pregnant with 6 babies, so pretty soon I had 7 guinea pigs. That place likely smells like a men's bathroom.

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