Not the beautiful Florida view anyone imagined! Courtesy of hurricane Ian.

  1. That's actually holding back quite a bit of weight. I'm impressed.. would buy, Even if I live in a drought prone area.

  2. If that's a 7 foot ceiling, each sheet of glass looks about 2-1/2 feet across and the water looks three feet deep.

  3. Is anything done to the walls to make them more water proof? Seems like the walls would be more likely to let water in.

  4. I came here to comment this; those are impressive windows. I remember during Hurricane Katrina watching from the bottom of the stairs our backyard glass door cave in so far before shattering. It was about that level too!

  5. Thanks for this comment. I was mildly infuriated by the lack of response by OP in regards to their mysteriously strong ass windows

  6. Excellent installation contractor. I learned how important contractors were when I bought expensive Pella windows and the company (Pella) picked up guys standing around at Home Depot to install them. Leaks and lots of unfixed wall damage.

  7. It is an absolute mess down here! This is the worst storm I have ever experienced in this area by far, it's going to take months until everything is finally sorted out :(

  8. Impact glass. You can toss a table at that thing and it would hold. This is the modern go-to instead of shutters. Although a lot of houses/homes still utilize good old shutters too bc impact glass can be expensive for a whole house.

  9. That's why I use Bounty™ paper towels whenever I get four feet of rainfall in a day. Bounty paper towels are more absorbent and keep my home cleaner than the leading brand of napkins.

  10. The real questions…give your contractor some work! I am sure after Ian a lot of people will be considering resistant windows if they don’t have them already

  11. Where I work we had window security film installed recently. That large black bead looks to be what is referred to as "anchoring" in the security industry, it will at least retain the glass (combined with the security film) in the event of an explosion.

  12. Imagine you're seeing this flood... gazing out at the water up to the middle of your window when a gator just goes by all... "Lalala, well hi there, lunch!"

  13. You gotta think to yourself, " window can withstand the pressure of four or five feet of water, but can my window withstand the pressure of four or five feet of water and a gator?"

  14. Whoever built your window deserves some serious business in the future. Jokes aside though, sorry about all of the flooding y'all have gotten and glad that you manage to stay safe. I know it's going to take awhile to rebuild but we're all behind you in doing so.

  15. You definitely got your money's worth from those doors. Your contractor earned every penny of that check. Hope the water recedes soon and you are able to recoup your losses.

  16. The problem with this is that the windows may be able to handle the hydrostatic pressure, but if the rest of the building isn't designed for that kind of loading, there's a risk of structural collapse.

  17. Whatever company installed that shit needs the boss as the infrastructure czar or whatever they call em because hot damn! Can’t imagine how many pounds or pressure that shit is holding up to.

  18. That's the Florida view anyone who understands the most basics of the climate crisis imagined. That's why the smart ones are leaving. It's going to get worse too.

  19. I went to Florida on vacation for a week and it was literally raining every day I was there. I asked my parents "isn't this supposed to be the "sunshine state?"". My state (AZ) should be the sunshine state imo. It's literally a desert and we get a lot of our rain from monsoon season. But year round it is almost always sunny (in Philadelphia... jk). Also places like deserts don't have high rainfall infrastructure as well. The backroom of my work flooded 2 or 3 times this monsoon season. I've worked there a decade and I don't think I've ever seen that. And on the drive home from one of those storms I was driving 20mph in a 50 because there was so much debris and dirt in the road. I was practically off-roading in a sedan.

  20. If you sharpen the picture you can see a large gator with a 30 foot python in its mouth with a Florida man high on bath salts riding said gato while wearing nothing but a MAGA hat.

  21. Regardless of the outdoor aquarium, no one sane say, oh yeah I'll buy a house in the great state of Florida matter of fact, let me buy something expensive and near the coast to Cry over it each hurricane season.

  22. At least there isn't a vague outline of shark/crocodile/giant python/insert various terrifying florida animal here* swimming by backlit by the dim sunlight...

  23. I hope whoever made and installed that glass is using this in their ad pitches though… doesn’t even appear to be leaking at the seams. That is some quality construction.

  24. Everyone talking about how great the contractor job is, no one mentioning how it’s the absolute most Florida thing ever to be still in the fucking house taking pictures.

  25. Russia should start importing your windows, since they seems like theirs have lot of safety issues

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