109 year old thai buddhist monk Luang Pho Yai. Monk passed away on April 8, 2022.

  1. Incredible. I’m impressed he can even move. I mean, where are the muscles that contract to make motion happen?

  2. He probably starved/dehydrated himself as a way to mummify himself. A normal 109nyear old shouldn't look like that. I mean they won't look amazing but the dude is literally just a skeleton.

  3. My great grandmother lived to be 109. She looked the same was when she was like 90. I truly hope I got some of her genes.

  4. Possibly the scariest thing I've seen. Thats gotta be the closest to seeing a skeleton moving. Before I read the title I thought this was a robotic Halloween skeleton moving.

  5. I don't find it scary at all. I find it rather beautiful. The astounding tenacity of life force and still the desire to connect, to touch and be touched. To live. To be!

  6. He’s depriving himself of food and water on purpose. It’s a technique sometimes practiced by monks so they are a “living corpse”

  7. “I post videos of my grandfather on social media and people are so kind,” said Auy “He barely talks and sometimes it can be difficult to communicate with him because he is blind and his hearing is not good. But his consciousness is still sharp like any other person. He will be turning 110 this year on 13 April.” (Fact Crescendo)

  8. A bit of a tangent but it’s amazing how in the digital age even the more/most downtrodden people can provide/leave something behind for their families by doing something like of their own volition and simply letting their kids document it on TikTok and go viral

  9. I believe I read that this a ritual amongst certain monks in which they self mummify towards the end and so they don’t eat.

  10. What did it happen to the skin on his cheeks?! I didn’t know those holes were a natural aging thing with malnourishment

  11. A part of me will continue to try to make me believe that is some sort of practical effects shot where they are experimenting with realistic range of motion for a skeleton that comes back to life.

  12. All the people here commenting about how this is “the creepiest shit they’ve ever seen” while the little girl is just happily interacting with him. It’s so sweet the way he plays with her hair.

  13. It’s a beautiful reminder that little kids do not see disability, it’s only “scary” if you learn it is “scary”. (Before anyone jumps on it, when you age enough your movements are impaired or disabled)

  14. Ehm.. Is he dead in that video or almost dead? Either way, it's scaring me and I wish, there was a way to unseen a video

  15. He's laying with his hips turned and legs in like a bent "running" position with his back flat on the bed. Hard to tell because he's so skinny.

  16. I don’t understand why people want to believe the unbelievable and not just take a single second to think about a logical other option.

  17. He is a monk who is performing self mummification for Buddhism everyone here is just like ewww he looks like a skewitin ewww

  18. Holy moly. My grandfather is 103, still drives a car, and looks like he’s twenty years younger than this man

  19. Sidhartha the Buddha had come up with 108 tenants of Buddhism. When he died, he basically told his followers "take what you like from these laws, or don't, whatever". obvious paraphrasing. His followers were so tied up in him being some sort of enlightened being that they wouldn't dare scrap his "laws".

  20. Can you see how a 109 year old looks like. My guys will swear there is a 150 year old in their village in Nnewi who still walks kilometers to farm and meets his wife daily.

  21. I had a customer (I’m a spark) who used to say to me “I’m too old to be alive” and looking at him, he’s FAR too old to be alive. Fair play to him for surviving that long, but I doubt he enjoyed it towards the end.

  22. According to this, he was sick (not practicing sokushinbutsu). The video was taken by his granddaughter, of him playing with his great granddaughter. He was blind and hard of hearing.

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