The boat used as the S.S. Minnow in Gilligan's Island was a 1964 Wheeler with a cruising speed of 12 knots, which couldn't have traveled more than 41.5 miles

  1. It has a much higher range than 41.5 miles, OP calculated that based on top speed and how far it could get during the planned 3 hour tour.

  2. Story is that Sherwood Shwartz, the creator of the show, got called into the office of the head of the Coast Guard who wanted to show him all these letters from fans who thought the tv show was real and the Coast Guard should rescue them.

  3. I feel stupid even taking the time to type this, but the trip was meant to be a three hour tour. Shit went wrong. I'm no Gilligan's Island lore specialist, but the song sure never said how long they were on the water before they "set ground."

  4. Also, who is to say that the Skipper wasn't a tuner and threw a better engine on the Minnow to get an advantage on the other charters?

  5. If this is the case, the Skipper just aquired that boat new. No doubt his lack of experience with this boat was a contributing factor to the loss

  6. The plight of the USS Minow has been thoroughly analyzed and documented. These conspiracy theories are getting out of hand.

  7. Probably evading litigation. Mr. Howell was doing some shady business deals And knew he was about to get caught. He and the wife packed up a trunk load of cash and most of the assets that they didn’t want seized, and intentionally sabotaged the tour so that they could hide out on an island in the Pacific until the statute of limitations was up

  8. This is the thing that forces you out of your suspension of disbelief? I mean, everything the professor did was implausible. I’m still hung up on the fact that they didn’t immediately kill and eat Thurston Howell.

  9. Professor would have been banging Maryanne and Ginger like it was his job, and they would have killed Gilligan pretty quickly if it were real. lol.

  10. You're telling me that if they didn't have the steel on the island Gilligan's robot wouldn't have been able to construct a battleship?

  11. I was taught the roadrunner was ,in fact faster than a coyote with unlimited acme credit line . The moral of the story, don't Martians wear roman helmets and sound like they're from Jersey ?

  12. Random fact, when Ford came back out with the 5.0 in 2011 they called it the Coyote. Then when building the more powerful BOSS 302 variant they named the engine Roadrunner.

  13. You don’t remember when Gilligan was a spy and the Skipper dressed up as his mom and then Gilligan made the fake mom eat the soup?

  14. Listen to the damn song, "for a 3 hour tour" and then the ocean puts it where it wants it when there is a problem. Now let us argue about more fictional topics! Next up, the movie Twilight

  15. Right. Next you'll tell me they couldn't have made a coconut lie detector? Or that the Harlem Globetrotters couldn't have visited for a few days?

  16. Also, the tour was scheduled for 3 hours, but no one knows how long the storm lasted, it could have blown for a week or so.

  17. The ship was clearly tossed around by the storm for much longer than 3 hours: Ginger Grant was still wearing the evening gown from her final nightclub performance the night before (as per the radio report in the pilot episode), so the 3 hour tour likely started fairly early in the day. The opening credits show the fearless crew battling the storm well into the night. So, the ship was likely blown about and could have traveled a vast distance before setting ground on an uncharted desert isle.

  18. Hmm. So 1 knot is 1.15mph, at 12 knots a 3 hour tour would have taken them 41.4 miles wide open in ideal conditions. Were they planning to refuel somewhere? Was this whole thing staged intentionally by the Howells?

  19. Look they told you right in the theme song it was only going to be a THREE HOUR tour. it the weather started getting rough and the TINY ship tossed. The fearless crew rode the storm much farther out than intended. And the limitations of the Minnow are a key reason they were trapped. I'm just saying OP didn't uncover any plot holes or anything. This was all well established. damnit.

  20. It was just supposed to be a local tour, less than 1.5 hours each way. It was the storm which swept them away.

  21. We're looking for logic in a show where people set out for a single afternoon, yet had packed formal clothing and stacks of science books?

  22. This is totally wrong. A 1964 Wheeler had a 250 gallon fuel capacity and a range of 400 nautical miles with a top speed in the 20 knot ange. Like any boat, it could go farther at trawling speed, less at higher speed.

  23. I have long held the opinion that the crew were stranded like ten miles off shore, but the tour company didn't want to get sued by the Howells, so they didn't look very hard.

  24. Well in that case, I now find the show entirely implausible. I could suspend disbelief when the professor made a car out of coconuts, but this is simply beyond the pale.

  25. What next OP, are you going to say how the Howells couldnt have fit all that luggage on that boat as well?

  26. You haven't accounted for the mighty storm. Is there an upper limit on how many miles a tiny ship can be tossed? Hmm?

  27. 41.5 mile range? When the weather started getting rough the tiny ship was tossed, if not for the courage of the fearless crew the minnow could be lost. The ship set ground on the floor of this uncharted deserted isle, with Gilligan, the skipper too, the millionaires and his wife. The movie star, the professor and Mary-Ann, here on Gillian’s island.

  28. They planned on a 3 hour tour. That was the plan, that doesn’t mean they were limited to how far the boat could travel in 3 hours you fucking idiot.

  29. I mean, except the idea was that there was a storm? A boat with no motor at all can travel plenty far when the ocean says so.

  30. That's bullshit. The professor can make a radio out of bamboo and coconuts. Who knows what the SS Minnow had under its hood?

  31. Great, that destroys all of the deep scientific inferences I have drawn from Gilligan's Island over the years. I can't even begin to imagine the number of peer-reviewed academic papers that will need to be withdrawn.

  32. I'm pretty sure the show wasn't aiming for accuracy. I mean, holy hell did they do amazing things with coconuts.

  33. they were on that island for a long time. i have to assume that at some point maryann and ginger came up with a way to make coconut tampons

  34. I watched this show a ton on reruns as a kid in the 80's. I now realize that no one really went looking for that ship full of narcissists.

  35. They were caught in a storm dude. The tiny ship was tossed! They could have ended up anywhere. If it wasn’t for the courage of the fearless crew, that ship would have been lost!

  36. Although the show was fictional, is it plausible in real life, even with limited traveling distance, the SS Minnow could have traveled much further as it was carried by high winds and rough seas?

  37. If you really like your panties in a knot, consider this - that image is of the boat on a set in Burbank, miles and miles away from the nearest body of water. There is no possible way that boat could have gotten there.

  38. Makes sense. A three hour tour at 12 knots requires enough fuel for 41.4 miles of travel. Maximum range of the SS Minnow was 41.5 miles. Thus leaving .1 mile of cushion. ANYONE that grew up watching the genius of the Skipper and Gillian would soon realize that these calculations would pass muster on that vessel.

  39. Wait a second. Are you saying Hollywood exaggerated/fabricated something for entertainment purposes? Next thing you know you'll be saying that they weren't really lost in space either, or that faster than light travel like in star trek isn't possible.

  40. 41 miles is a three hour tour. The storm carried it 2000 miles away where it drifted to a deserted island. This is what Gillian said

  41. Curious fact; the Australian national anthem can be sung to the tune of the Gilligan's Island theme song. Actually, it should always be sung to this tune.

  42. Interesting points about the boat. The bigger question is Ginger or Marianne? I myself was into Ginger (Tina Louise). Marianne (Dawn Wells) was cute and probably a better cook being a country girl. Ginger is the one!

  43. Having watched the show, I think the boat going the distance is the most plausible part of the whole premise

  44. I am a little shocked there hasn't been some sort of gritty reboot in the past 20 years. I guess its too late now, that particular demographic has aged out of being worth the nostalgia investment.

  45. Truth is, Gilligan never wanted to get off of the island. He wanted to get loaded and make out with Ginger, Mary Ann, and Lovey all day long.

  46. A three hour tour, a three hour tour. 12*3=36 miles round trip with a margin of fuel for safety. 18 miles out, then the ship was tossed… boom your stuck on an island.

  47. Looks like a boat you take to go whale watching. I hated watching this show as a kid in the 90s. I always thought they were finally going to get off the island and yet again something always failed. Then they just laughed it off and that was the end of the episode. 😡

  48. Looking at the picture, the damage doesn’t actually look that bad. Considering all the stuff they built, or even invented, during their time on the island, it’s hard to accept that they couldn’t figure out how to repair the ship.

  49. It was also way too small for all of the Millionaire's wife's clothes...why did they have have all that anyway?

  50. I have Paramount Plus just for Star Trek honestly but I would be sooooo happy if they could just Stream Gilligans Island.

  51. I thought most everyone on Reddit was 13; how do you all know about Gilligan's Island? Was there a big twitch watches Gilligan's Island event or something? Is it that you cut the code and found it on antenna TV? YouTube algorithm? Is this thread just full of boomers who are all caught up on their Facebook feeds? So many questions...

  52. With the way that hull looks, that boat was going nowhere but down very, very quickly -- the courage of her fearless crew would've made absolutely no difference.

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