The Swedish coast guard published a video of the gas leaking from the Nord Stream pipelines

  1. That depends if the was natural gas in the pipeline, or as orhers suggested only a "technical gas" to keep the system under pressure. The pipelines had been shut down earlier this year, so the second option is entirely possible.

  2. Its not leaking gas. Its probably nitrogen or air trying to prevent water from getting into the damaged pipe. The valves that control the gas flow can detect a pressure drop in the line shutting off gas flow immediately.

  3. Haha no those are clouds passing between the water and the camera. That footage is being shot from a very VERY far distance so the clouds are out of focus as they pass by.

  4. i'm confused - putin said that nord 1 turbine was down back in the beginning of september - and that nord 2 was never actually online - - - so what is this & why don't they have a shut off valve???

  5. To my knowledge, the pipelines are filled a certain amount of gas even when it is shut down. This is to keep an internal pressure that balances the outside pressure, keeping the pipeline from imploding on itself.

  6. According to NPR this morning, a single underwater leak is rare. There are currently three leaks. All happened at the same time. All occurred just outside of territorial waters so that they can't be considered an attack on NATO.

  7. Can we have a source? It's not unreasonable but there's a lot of vague contradiction of that in the media. It would be great if we had a less vague common name for impure methane than "gas".

  8. Thank you! Saved me having to say that I thought the gas was already shut off due to the dispute between Russia and Europe.

  9. I'm pretty sure that the reason they call it technical gas is that they put it in there for technical reasons, but it's still the same natural gas containing the same amount of methane.

  10. Yeah that's actually interesting, the swedish coast guard reported yesterday that the swells in the middle peaks at around 10 meters (32 feet)

  11. Knowing how corporates work, there is no less than 17 meetings scheduled over the course of the next week to discusss how to stop the leak.

  12. Europe would never buy from Putin again, so the pipeline represented a large financial incentive for Russia to overthrow him. The only one who benefits from this is Putin.

  13. Russia has a lot of extra gas now a days since nobody wants to do business with them anymore. They were burning 10 million euros worth of gas every day near the finish border. That was a month ago.

  14. 20 years experience as a gas engineer. Can confirm this is the opposite of “a small leak” 🙃

  15. The Danes published it first, but that’s footage from Sweden. The badge in the film is the swedish coast guards badge.

  16. imagine this but also on fire. that happened in the gulf of mexico recently, the same gulf that fueled the fuck out of the hurricane currently wrecking my state. our planet is doomed.

  17. As I understand it the pipeline doesn’t have gas in it because the supply has been shut off, the line is filled with compressed air to help equalize pressure and prevent its collapse.

  18. Pipelines never get air in them, that makes them potentially pipe bombs. They may put an inert gas like nitrogen in them if they really need them to be inert, but otherwise we use the cheapest gas that is available to us, which is natural gas/methane

  19. They need to ignite this. The greenhouse impact of this is extraordinary. ~25x worse than the CO2 that would result from burning it.

  20. wen somebody throw a match at it? it's actually better to have the CO2 from the burning than all that methane, plus, the ocean would have a really cool new feature "ocean-bonfire"

  21. Jeez it’s really weird, some people in American government just a few months ago were talking about ending this pipeline with some very ominous remarks and eerie grins. And now the same folks are calling this a good thing. If you aren’t aware by now that many of you are advocates for a far worse and more destructive regime than the cringe orange guy, you’re very dim witted or just a liar, often both.

  22. 300 million cubic meters of methane (CH4) gas will have been released into the atmosphere. There will be a significant impact on the climate the next couple of years. CH4 is a highly effective greenhouse gas, and has over 80 times the heating power of carbon dioxide (CO2). The methane will break down in approximately 9 years, into more CO2, which continue to heat the globe for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

  23. here’s one for all the conspiracy theorists. Last week a bunch of US officials including members of Congress purchased a large amount of shares of Flex LNG A natural gas shipping company that has been doing poorly since the implementation of the Nord pipeline.

  24. No gas has been flowing through NS 1 since August since Russia themselves blocked transfer ("technical issues)))"). NS 2 was never opened in response to Russia's invasion. With the NS pipelines shut down it seems very reasonable to invest in LNG shipping, I'd argue

  25. Don't forget to take your bike to work and use a paper straw to offset this, it will only take 1,000,0000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 straws but we the consumer, can do it if we work together

  26. Can’t they just close it off from the source? Letting all this gas flow seems foolish. I do understand there would still be gas in the pipeline up until the leak.

  27. They have closed it, but the pipe is over 1k kilometers long, so the remaining gas inside the pipe's will take a couple days to seep out ^

  28. Ohhhhh fuck this is so fucking bad. Methane is catastrophic on a 20 year timescale. It’s suicide to not light this on fire - CO2 is bad but methane is 82x worse.

  29. I’ve worked on leaking subsea pipelines before, and I can tell you that is a fucking HUGE leak. It looks like the pipeline is still pressurised, not depressurised like a damaged pipe normally would be.

  30. I know this is a pretty stupid question and I'm sure I'll get plenty of down votes but surely there's an off valve somewhere?

  31. Wait a minute, weren’t both Nordstrom pipelines shut down entirely ? How come there’s still so much pressure left over to create and sustain this bubbling maelstrom ??

  32. Besides the obvious implications for causing people in Central amd Western Europe to freeze has no government thought about the environmental impacts of countless tons of natural gas leaking into the atmosphere?

  33. Scariest part is that if you were on a boat sailing through these bubbles you’d sink and drown….the irreversible damage to the ozone also sucks

  34. That's crazy, the Swedes broke their gas pipeline, and they are creating a big pollution problem in the sea, and they just say "Oh yes, it's the RUSSIANS' fault"...

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