The original "Lethal Weapon" (1987) had a MUCH darker first scene than the Christmas Tree Lot one that was used in the released version.

  1. this scene establishes the character perfectly: dangerous, suicidal, unhinged but respected for what he does. The quote is a bit on the nose.

  2. Wtf, my dad wanted to show me this movie and the one he bought had this scene in it. This is the first time I'm finding out that this isn't the original. I thought it was cannon not some cut.

  3. If you get the Director’s Cut on blu ray it not only has that scene but also a few additional really good scenes that delve into Riggs’s state of mind.

  4. The version I watched a couple months ago starts with Mel Gibson doing an undercover drug deal in a Christmas tree lot that turns into a shootout

  5. I think that’s in all releases. It sets up the entire movie. Different movie if that was deleted since it leads to her dad calling Murtaugh to get the General and his mercs and dealing with that albino jackrabbit sonofabitch.

  6. Uhhh,thats the exact scene that is on my DVD, I vaguely remember the christmas tree scene, must be different releases (I am from Denmark) where school shootings are not a thing.

  7. One of my top movies all time…probably seen it 50 times. NEVER seen this one though! Thanks for sending this!

  8. These television cops later took jobs in Uvalde having been trained for Sniper attacks, hide, stay down and let kids get shot.

  9. I knew this was a scene in a Mel Gibson movie! I saw this like 20 years ago as a kid and couldn’t remember what movie it was from and I always thought it was lethal weapon but every time I watch them I never see this scene anymore. This has solved a movie mystery to me for so long.

  10. During one of the school shootings I remember Donald Trump say “give me a gun I’ll go in there myself!” And this is probably the scene that was in his mind.

  11. Those moments in time when it pays to have a loose cannon combat veteran who can get dialed in and wire tight under the worst circumstances... It's as easy as flipping a switch.

  12. When kids are being shot at we need cops like that guy who are willing to die to put down the threat, not sit around for 2 hours while kids bleed out.

  13. 'automatic' just refers to the loading mechanism. This weapon seems automatic to me. It's not FULLY automatic. But it is automatic.

  14. Ya'll are missing the real nostalgia of that scene. Look closely at the playground, especially under the monkey bars: a hard surface. As kids we played hard and fell hard. No bubble wrapping for us.

  15. The Director's Cut (not actually a true director's cut, but a marketing promotion by Warner Bros.) features seven minutes of additional footage. In a new trailer scene, Riggs smashes his TV with a beer bottle; later he buys a new one. Murtaugh, before partnering with Riggs, goes to practice at the firing range. Riggs, before the dope shoot out, answers a call in a school yard with a sniper. Riggs walks out into the line of fire and kills the sniper, emptying his clip into him. Riggs, after leaving Murtaugh's house, goes out to solicit a prostitute. The aftermath is not shown, but Riggs says he wants to take her home to watch The Stooges with him; for this he pays her $100

  16. Isn't this just the movie? I've never seen the one with the "Christmas tree lot". Maybe it was released and then re-done when school shootings became more in the public eye.

  17. I think they were right to leave it out, as bad ass as it is. We find out how great a shot Riggs is at the firing lanes with Murtaugh, which showcased his skill in a funnier way and let Murtaugh know Riggs really isn’t meant to be messed with.

  18. Yeah I'm from the US and I definitely remember this scene. I do remember though it kinda fucked me up when i realized there were two versions of the movie. I just assumed it was the directors cut back then. But that was in the 90s before all the protecting of children from the world was directly front and center.

  19. I always thought this tells you everything you need to know about Riggs in one scene. Like he's a superhero throughout the movie, but damaged goods.

  20. When I was in 3rd grade we were talking about angles or something.. idk. I gave the whole class an example of it, like the ricochet of a bullet. 'When in Lethal Weapon, Riggs shot the bad guy by using the laser sight to ricochet the bullet!'

  21. I never saw this, cool! Funny though - you can really hear his Australian accent when he calls those numbers over the radio in the beginning - I thought this was going to be an outtake.

  22. I love those movies. Riggs especially. It's too bad Mel Gibson turned out to be such an irredeemable prick.

  23. Such a Chad that in order to get even more firepower he cocks the hammer of his gun not just once, not twice but three times!

  24. I wish streaming services let you watch cuts in different formats, so the full theatrical, directors etc.. should be plausible by slicing in the necessary scenes.

  25. I've definitely seen this scene before. I'm pretty sure it's in my copy, didn't think I had a special version though

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