Local pilot in Kabul trying to fly captured Blackhawk

  1. Long story short the Taliban managed to reassemble a helicopter the US left in Afghanistan (claimed it was unrepairable). Then they tried to fly it and it ended disastrously.

  2. To be fair to the poor bastard, if it wasn't booby trapped, there were probably 3 or 4 critical but designed-to-fail components that were well worn out by the time he put his ass in the seat.

  3. EXCELLENT flying by the Taliban! This is the aviation excellence every one of them would strive for! The rest of the world would respect them a lot more if they did.

  4. According to other comment it was left because USA army thought it's unrepairable to flying condition.

  5. The contractors who serviced them were pulled out months before the withdrawal, ANA pilots were complaining about faults and lack of maintenance weeks before the end.

  6. The heading is implying the pilot does not know how to fly it. It was poor maintenance causing a controller cable failure. He whole video shows it flying fine until something snapped.

  7. A properly trained pilot would have known to increase forward airspeed and perform a roll on landing. A properly trained maintainer would have inspected the aircraft prior to flight.

  8. All those armchair pilots here! At least he got it running and into the air! You lot would still be staring at the cockpit and wonder where your Red Bull goes...

  9. Modern military equipment will stop functioning pretty quickly without regular maintenance with parts that can't be sourced anywhere outside of the military. Almost everything left behind aside from small arms is likely no longer functioning.

  10. Most of them won’t even be able to takeoff because of lack of maintenance and most of equipment left behind was sabotaged.

  11. It could have been just a pilot from Kabul. Someone that the Taliban captured and forced to fly it knowing there’s a good chance it would crash.

  12. This aircraft suffered a tail rotor failure. It's been in the aviation forums here for weeks. This is not someone who doesn't know how to fly, as the karma farming title implies.

  13. He was part of a organization that beats women to death for going to school. Don’t feel bad about it, the world is literally better off with less Taliban.

  14. Right rudder....right rudder.....dam it right rudder....what the hell you think those petals are for? Too late...

  15. "If you can walk away from a landing, it's a good landing. If you use the airplane the next day, it's an outstanding landing." Chuck Yeager

  16. It was never captured are useless president slow Joe abandoned billions of dollars of high-tech military equipment for the enemy to use against us in the future.

  17. This my understanding about what probably happened based on what I know from people who are former military: either a) it was booby trapped, though the US likely didn't have time to do that for everything, or b) since US military equipment breaks all the time, even with proper maintenance, the fact it's been without enough spare parts for months to a year means that pieces of the helicopter, like the so called "Jesus nut," might be damaged, loose, or broken and mechanisms went out of control. The Taliban absolutely has helicopter pilots, but they don't have a lot of money or resources rn. They might have simply been trying to figure out if it was still safe to fly, and the pilot is trying to lower it, but it loses control during decent.

  18. All these fears about the high tech weapons and gear left in Afghanistan- I did three tours there and I can safely say those shit heads will destroy every last little piece of gear as soon as they lay their hands on it. They can't even wipe their ass, never mind use any modern equipment

  19. God damn this is a little harsh to say you hope someone died, don’t get me wrong it’s stupid and everything…. But to wish someone died is a little extreme don’t you think?

  20. Good thing Biden left billions of dollars of military equipment. I guess his plan was to hope that each helicopter killed a couple Taliban?

  21. All I see are like two schools that could have been built and but instead our inept government left it for this douche to crash.

  22. All the Yankees in the comments pretending that these blackhawks won't fly again it's just depressing, just because you live in a throwaway society doesn't mean people won't spend years rebuilding a million dollar piece of machinery.

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