I just got served an ad for long-range tactical missiles

  1. We've been trying to reach you about the extended warranty on your Ohio Class Ballistic Missile Submarine...

  2. Yes and I swear I was just talking about a product and a day later it popped up on friends social app. Check app permissions prob. access to microphone?

  3. Do you live near DC? They advertise f22s and shit on cnn there. Like I’m gonna go to the f22 dealer and drop a bil on one.

  4. Used once, not overly impressed with the performance so the rest have been sitting in the barn gathering dust. Free if you bring your own trailer.

  5. 90-430km makes it a short range, specifically its range is less than 500km because then it would be in beach of the intermediate ballistic missile treaty, that seriously limits the potential customers, although China never signed worryingly.

  6. Everyone needs one, they're great! I got a year subscription to tactical missiles for my grandma and she loves them. She's already taken care of plenty of pesky neighbors and the mailman that delivered her mail to wrong address every time!

  7. Are you dealing with a stubborn case of Russians? Terrorists acting up? Click here to find out how a long range ballistic missile can help you!

  8. Well? Don't leave us hanging. What color did you get it in? I ordered mine in purple and they tried charging me 2k bucks extra! I asked to speak with a manager and I explained that I've been buying all of my missiles from them since I declared my property a sovereign country 10 years ago. Got them to knock a grand off the purple paint and got free undercoating too.

  9. You can never have too many Long Range Ballistic Missiles around the house. Some for you, some for your kids, some for guests, give one to the mailman for Christmas.

  10. I like to imagine tv commercials for tactical weapons in the style of pharmaceuticals. Walking in soft focus on the beach while talking about how interceptor combat system gives you more time with your grandchildren.

  11. YouTube tomorrow: I bought the $1,000,000 tactical long range missile from a Google ad so you don't have to.

  12. Wow this post sure blew up. If you're in the market for them, I hear there's some absolutely mint, barely used T-80s for sale on russian ebay.

  13. Why would any company even advertise a goddamn missile online? Who'd be surfing online, watching youtube, or reading the news and go:

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