Man's skeleton found in his house four years after he was last seen.

  1. we get to be electric jelly wrapped around some calcium deposits and do quantum physics for a little while, but we haven’t even reached our final form...topsoil

  2. It’s crazy cuz I think the Quran I’m not sure of other Abrahamic religions says that we were made out of clay. And that’s Kray.

  3. There must've been some point during the decomposition where his jaw stopped being held by muscles and tissue, and dropped wide open to where it is now.

  4. If you're real old, have no kids, all your friends and pretty much anyone else you know is already dead. It's hard to know if someone is missing if no one even knows they exist

  5. Back when my grandpa died we couldn't get a hold of my uncle to tell him so my cousin (his son) went to his apartment and found his 3 day old dead body and there was no AC going in the middle of summer. He called 911 to tell them a black fat man was dead in his dad's bed, it took him a while to process it was actually his white bloated dad. He was a drunken mess at the double funeral and kept going on about he can't get the smell off of him and how all of his possessions they would want smelled like him dead. I felt so bad for him, I can't imagine finding my own dad like that. To make things worse, my own dad looks exactly like his little brother, my uncle, (they had the same birthday a year apart) so he kept breaking down whenever he saw him

  6. I work in a warehouse and someone sent back 5lbs of beef in which they were not supposed to. It was 114F for 2 days in a row where it sat in the cargo trailer for that time in transit to our warehouse. Me being a manager in training had to look for the parcel it was in out of the dozens of pallets and boxes. My team and I found it and it was putrid. The 53ft trailer was unloaded and everything absorbed the smell. All products in there had to be evaluated and pretty labeled as damaged.

  7. Am funeral director, can absolutely confirm. I went to a high rise for a removal one time and could smell them a floor below on the elevator ride up. I don't know how I could live next to that and not tell someone. It had been almost 3 weeks.

  8. I've heard of people who are extreme recluses that go off into very secluded areas, like a cabin in the woods or something, and die alone that way. They're usually found like this years later.

  9. A similar situation just happened in my neighborhood. The guy was only in there for 7 months but nobody smelled anything. Not even his next door neighbors

  10. I had a neighbor who was a recluse and a hoarder (think of the grossest hoarder from the shows who never even threw out the trash). Always wondered if she would die one day and no one would know because it already smelled and we wouldn’t know the difference. Even if you knocked on her front door she wouldn’t answer (it was blocked by trash anyway). The only sign of life was seeing her car parked in a slightly different position in front of the house every few weeks.

  11. There was this house that smelled like death by my old parents house. And every time I walked by it I picked it up. It’s a very distinct smell that is very different from other smells. But no one ever did anything about it.

  12. I hope you don’t mind this: In this use, it’s “a mite” powerful. Meaning, a very small amount, like a mite (which is tiny bug).

  13. got a knock on my door one sat night at like 10/11pm. Some distraught guy asking if I’d seen my neighbor in that last 2 weeks. I was like, I’ve maybe seen him once in 4 years.

  14. Archaeologist here. Was digging through my second burial before I realized that the browning halo around the bones, that was them. It still smelled slightly different after 400 years. Not unpleasant either, just different.

  15. A new California Bill just signed allows you to compost your carcass for your garden to be more Carbon Friendly - This man was the future.

  16. He thought he was safe with the bed too close to the floor for monsters to hide under it. May his sacrifice remind us, no gap is too small for them

  17. Certain specialized bugs can clean skulls anywhere from 1 week to 1 month . One good summer outside (protected from predators but not bugs) will turn a body into bones fast

  18. In my grandparents village in Greece there wasn’t enough room in the graveyard so after 10 years they dig up the bones and put them in a shoebox and hand em to the family can u imagine like? Here ya go… and then give someone else the spot lmaoo it’s hotdesking for dead ppl

  19. It depends heavily on the situation the body is in. Burried in a coffin? After 40 years the body is still in decent state. Out in the open? 2 weeks max.

  20. This was in Nigeria, a tropical country. In a colder climate or in a coffin for example it probably would take longer.

  21. Oregon allows you to choose “cremation” through composting. Supposedly all it takes is 30 days of a body in a box of straw, and all that’s left is bones.

  22. If you're really interested in this topic, may I recommend the excellent book "Stiff" by Mary Roach. There are places where they take bodies and monitor their decomposition and everything involved. Absolutely fascinating.

  23. It all depends on environmental factors. Mummification in a dry environment with minimal insect/animal involvement can leave flesh on bones pretty much indefinitely. Yet a warm and wet environment with animals and insects could see it stripped to bone in a matter of weeks. That's why the research at body farms is so important.

  24. Would you go searching for your landlord if he stopped collecting rent?? Where is Bob? Don't know I have not seen him in a couple of years, I am sure he will show up one day. Until than, I will just hold on to the rent until he shows up.

  25. Is anyone else reading this article and having a tough time following it? Is it that poorly written or should I contact my doctor and tell him I’m having a stroke? I def don’t want to be found after 4 years.

  26. My neighbour that I've hardly even spoken to called the police for a wellness check after my car hadn't moved for three days. Three days! It had a faulty CPS so wouldn't start but three days is a bit much! They turned up at my work asking to see ID and everything. I mean it's nice someone cared, but three days isn't a lot really!

  27. I don’t know, I don’t know anything about this scenario but based on his posture, looks like he was just relaxing to me and decided it was a good time to go.

  28. I remember getting a call when I was a police officer. Dude hadn’t been seen in two weeks. We get there talk to the landlord, and it turns out it had been more like 4 months. Kicked in the door and we were greeted by that sweet sickly smell of death. Poor guy had no family and his landlord took forever to investigate and call us.

  29. I'm a mail carrier, and we'll sometimes call in welfare checks if an older person on our routes stop picking up their mail unexpectedly. One of those calls found the gentleman on my route had passed away in bed. Thankfully it was in time to save his dog, but I felt so bad for the officer that responded. It was a morbidly obese man who smelled like urine and feces when alive. I can't imagine how it smelled after a week in July.

  30. I had to recover a guy who had been marinating in a lake for months before he was finally located, then attend his autopsy. Words cannot even begin to describe the smell of the doctor cutting into that.

  31. When you're in that position, do you still have to go in to confirm what's going on or can you just call in the team responsible for cleaning something like that up?

  32. My aunt was recently discovered passed away in her bed. She had been there for 3 weeks. My father, who went upstairs and found her, had to bleach his clothes and take multiple showers to try and get that smell out. Between the smell, maggots, and decomposition.. it was a pretty horrific scene.

  33. Had a 3 weeker a few months ago. No air conditioning in her apartment. Smell fucked me up a bit, I've had dreams about it

  34. also still has the fingers on his hands! I wonder why those didn't decompose. and wtf is up with this knees!? need to find out if this is real....

  35. There's still plenty of meat on those bones. Now you take this home, throw it in a pot, add some broth, a potato. Baby, you've got a stew going.

  36. It's weird how different parts of us will decompose at different rates. We think of ourselves as one whole, but it doesn't all go together in the end.

  37. I always wonder how this happens. Okay you don’t have friends or family so no one knows you’re missing. What about rents or mortgages and your bills?

  38. Some people have their bills automatically debited from their checking accounts and tons of money in those accounts to back them. Plus landlords and bill collectors can often be slow in their processes for various reasons so they'll go long periods of time before searching the homes.

  39. You get your pension automatically. You pay rent and bills automatically. If you don't pay they cancel you, so what nobody will check your apartment. And if you don't have a mailbox but rather one of those door slots for mail there an almost infinite amount of mail that can fit in, so nobody will see that either.

  40. Back when I was single, I would have easily been able to die in my apartment and nobody come knocking for at least 6 months. Job would probably assume I quit or whatever...

  41. It’s wild to think all that dust around his bones is his flesh, this dude must have been there for a long long time for that to happen…

  42. I think it's unavoidable to feel desperately lonely during death. I watched my mom pass, and I was there telling her I loved her but they know that your life will go on afterwards. They know they're going alone, and it is an extreme terror and loneliness that is hard to imagine or attempt to empathize with.

  43. Yeah the booty shorts definitely surprise me the most about this whole thing. Like, if he was wearing booty shorts he was probably a pretty fun guy, no? Why would it take so long for them to investigate the death of such a fun dude, and more importantly, why didn’t such a lively guy have friends? He was probably the life of the party. RIP 🪦

  44. From this I learned: make friends and wear clean underwear. And take car payment off automatic. You miss one payment and they will come after you.

  45. It's not interesting it's really sad to think that he didn't have anyone who cared enough to check on him. The thought it took 4 years to find him dead in his bed brings tears to my eyes. To think no one cared enough to look for him for 4 years is just so sad. I only wonder how lonely and sad that man must have been.

  46. this will be me, no family left last of my parents died earlier this year.. Except i will be in my gaming chair one hand on the mouse..

  47. Sad, but also nobody else had to be sad grieving over him. You ever think about how the people close to you would feel if you died tomorrow?

  48. It always intrigues me how the feet always manage to stay in tact after the rest of the body usually decays. Always notice it, like in decomp photos.

  49. How is it possible for 4 years? You'd think after a few months of missed bills, rent/mortgage, he would have been discovered.

  50. Not if he owned the home outright and lived on his own. Electric and water would simply shut off, same with phone. The only thing i can think of is property taxes but the tax people take years to come after you.

  51. I've been seeing a lot of posts about this guy in several of my death & decomp groups on Facebook over the past few weeks. This man who was a landlord somewhere in south Africa had told some of his tenants & neighbors that he was leaving to another country for awhile. He also had no family which is why nobody was missing him. Over time his yard became overgrown with weeds & brush so bad that it was starting to reach into the neighboring yards. That's when neighbors started trying to contact him to complain of the overgrowth to no avail. After a while the neighbors grew impatient & decided to go onto his property & cut back the brush themselves. Of course one neighbor got the shock of his lifetime when he peeked into this guy's bedroom window! Before police were even called a whole group of people from the neighborhood broke into the guy's house & were all gawking with their camera phones out. I've seen footage from that & it was just one big disrespectful spectacle. Now this poor dead guy has gone viral & it kinda pisses me off to be quite honest. The internet has made a spectacle of his body robbing him of his dignity. It's embarrassing to think if this ever happened to me some chump might take a pic to spread all over the internet for the whole world to see my body like that. It's just downright disrespectful impo.

  52. I can see the listing now “Mattress slightly used, belonged to a friend who doesn’t need it anymore, some stains, sleeps great - $200 OBO”

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