Smart Headlights

  1. I wish they could make headlights capable of safely illuminating the darkness in front of each car without blinding all the other motorists.

  2. So I feel like most Honda/Toyota cars have headlights aimed high like that. (Unless someone does something aftermarket)

  3. Toyota is trying to pass or passed a bill right now in the US for the fact they have had to make cars less safe for a decade

  4. FYI, the US outsources new tech to other countries to be beta testers. Such as universal health care.

  5. Ugh,no. Teach people to drive properly by paying attention to the road and being aware of their surroundings. I'm all for adaptive headlights that don't blind the shit out of me in the rain at night though.

  6. A lot of what he's talking about seems like a huge distraction. Seeing the speed or arrows where to turn on yne ground would keep you from looking at more important things... You know, other cars, obstructions, signs, deer, pedestrians.

  7. A new car is nothing but distractions with the center console entertainment systems. At least with directions projected onto the road the drivers eyes actually stay on the road. Pedestrians and hazards will be in your field of view, not the case with the average person using navigation apps on their dashboard or on their phone in their laps.

  8. That dream ended with xenon/projector lights. I had a lady come in to my shop when I worked at GM, a 2008 Buick with projector headlights. One was stuck in the high-beam position (the flapper motor broke), 1400 dollars to replace.

  9. I just want a modernized Datsun pickup. Built just like they were in the 70s, but with a fuel injected motor, bluetooth, and all that. Very easy to work on. $30 replaceable headlights. Something you could pay off in a year or two.

  10. I think they started adding fuel injection in the early 80's. I had an '85 with fuel injection (and more rust than you could ever believe). Buy one of those, shove a Bluetooth single-din radio in it, line the cab with sound deadening material and you have yourself a 2022 Datsun 720.

  11. For all those many times you’re driving in pitch-black conditions with zero streetlights around.

  12. I don’t know where you live, but i rarely see illuminated streets outside urban areas, so yes there are many times.

  13. Jaja. Now more accidents because people are not looking ahead and just down in front of their car...

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