A disassembled 1988 VW Golf CL showing 6,843 parts of the car.

  1. Old vw's tend to be easy to work on and it still looks complicated, I assume some kind of techromancy is involved in fixing modern cars.

  2. As a truck driver in North America, I will use this to explain supply chain issues. Every one of those parts is likely made in a different plant. I used to truck wheel rims from Vancouver BC to Louisville KY to have the tires ( from somewhere else) put on, then truck that assembly to Woodstock, Ontario, to the car assembly plant. Different trips to Virginia for engines and transmissions and the spare wheel covers came from L.A.

  3. Am I weird fr being mildly annoyed that while it is mostly disassembled, there are still a bunch of things assembled? Doors, door handles, windows, wheels/tyres, seats, etc. Still interesting, but why assemble a bunch of things if you are trying to show off every single piece separately?

  4. No you are just being a bit OCD but it was done this way to be more photographic, like removing the tires from the wheels wouldn't look at good, nor would disassembling the chairs.

  5. I wonder how many parts there’d be in a current VW Golf - especially if counting every single chip, resistor and capacitor on every single circuit board...

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