Really Cool Dragon Handpuppet

  1. I love watching her audience's uncertain body's like they know logically that it's not real, but some part of them is still uncertain/in awe/curious and so grown adults begin acting like's so beautiful to see!

  2. I was there with my nieces (7&10) and they loved it and the youngest thought it was real and started arguing with her big sister. The cosplayer also controlled it really well, specially seen from the side. This angle don't do it justice.

  3. Hug a strange sweaty teenager dressed in a Goofy costume; totes legit, fun, family picture. Hugging a sweaty teenage stranger in Jordache is a bit different.

  4. I must be super dumb because I didn’t realise it was her left arm until I saw your comment. I was trying to figure out how she was moving it. I’m gonna go to sleep now.

  5. Actually reminds me of a video on Facebook a while back, similar concept where a girl made a costume with wings. Everyone was so blown away by the fluid motion, and silent operation of her wings, nobody noticed that her "hands" never left her pants pockets, pretty clever.

  6. I think you have to make it yourself. It can be really hard to learn how, but it looks like some really good sewing and prosthetics knowledge went into it.

  7. Yeah but Merl Streep is the one working this Dragon hand-puppet, if it was just a regular person it might not seem so realistic… they say it’s Oscar worthy!! ;)

  8. The fake arm is a brilliant touch. And oh, the articulation on that neck! Two eyes and a mouth all powered with one hand! And steam out of the nostrils, even 💗🐉

  9. I want one haha. Having grown up absolutely loving the Muppets. And then becoming obsessed with Skeksis and the puppetry behind those massive things. I need this dragon haha

  10. I wonder since dragons resemble dinosaurus, and a lot of cultures have dragons in folk tales and myths all arround the world that somehow our mamalian brain or reptilian brain retained the memory of dinosaurus through evolution . Like some old mamals see them and learn that they are natural enemies of specie and that info gets inherited through dna

  11. I don't think she's going for realistic... I understand what you mean with the overly-animated motions but most puppetry is exaggerated like that (I personally find it a bit disturbing/uncanny)

  12. Im pretty sure that this kind of stuff can confused the brain into thinking your fake arm is your real arm. Im pretty sure there was a rubber arm experiment that did that.

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