Luckiest Man Alive

  1. This is beyond oceans 11 level of insurance fraud. Don’t forget the 2.3 trillion that ‘went missing’ from The pentagon on sept 10 2001 🤷🏽‍♂️🤐

  2. Except the removal coated Manhattan in toxic dust - biggest fuck you to the world by saying this was planned by those 19 morons & M Atta. Still pisses me off that so many “smart” people bought the lie hook line and sinker.

  3. Yeah that’s what I was thinking. He was in such a hurry to close the deal that not even the pain from a car crash stopped him… mhm that’s definitely luck to me.

  4. Or the ID cards of 25 terrorists, found in the debris, which "miraculously" made it through the Infernal fires fed by kerosene and the aluminium insulation of the structural steel beams...

  5. This video is bullshit. Only one tower contained asbestos. The North Tower. The first one. And it was only up to the 40th floor, when asbestos was banned in construction. So "they" didn't contain asbestos. One did.


  7. Genius... why pay for asbestos removal when you can just have the CIA start up operation northwoods! Make billions while you created a windfall for the war industry!

  8. Thanks. This video smacks of shitty divisive propaganda conspiracy theory bullshit. It puts a bunch of dots out there to connect by omitting more than half the facts wanting you to assume this one dude made out like a bandit on a horrific terrorist attack and was somehow behind it. I guess that is easier to believe than 100+ years of bad foreign policy earning the US and other western countries so.e enemies.

  9. Yeah. Building 7 didn’t collapse on its own. Simply look at the video- it shows a classic demolition. Roof sags in the middle, sides collapse inwards, mini explosions at critical points, building falls. I know critical thinking is no longer taught in schools, but it’s necessary to understand what happened. There is plenty of truther crap out there - no planes, some gov electricity weapon, the Jews, blah blah blah - but physics can’t be faked. And if 19 “cave dwelling” hijackers pulled this off, then they did it defying physics.

  10. I’m sure his wife regrets « booking » a last minute appointment to the « dermatologist », it would have been her « towers » 🤣 it’s hard not to believe in conspiracy theories after hearing this

  11. Yeah, I was always skeptic of the entire conspiracy theory, but seeing the weird explanation of where he was THAT morning.. he knew. I don’t see how anyone can argue different watching him squirm.

  12. Put options on the insurance company, speaks volumes. Two separate attacks, I mean this guy was lucky. Considering he didn’t even pay the whole lease. The. There was Donald Trump saying if they hadn’t removed the asbestos the tower would have never burned. He made all these crazy statements as he was introduced to give insight into doing the UN building. he could remediate the asbestos with clients in building.

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