3-year-old Ryker Webb survived the Montana wilderness alone for two days. He was found in a shed two miles from his home. Authorities say he was very lucky considering the Bull Lake Valley, where he was found was home to many Mountain Lions and Bears.

  1. “Yes hello mother and father it is I, your 3 year old human son. I have returned from my home-I mean the wilderness.”

  2. love this kid. he was probably terrified, relieved and confused af. he saw a camera and was like, "fuck, cameras mean i gotta smile." and that's all he could muster.

  3. Dude already looks like a guy who lives out in some national park, hunting bears and showing up unexpectedly and surprising other hikers.

  4. There is a kid named Santino in my 3 year Olds classroom that straight up looks like a 50 year old. It's wild.

  5. I didn’t want to say it but that’s a grown man in a babies body. If there were cameras. We would have seen him going Rambo on the wild life laughing lol

  6. Yes, I'm wondering if he'll ever really get over it. Kids are resilient but terror can lurk under the surface and come back when you least expect it.

  7. To be entirely fair, this onesie could have had the hole in it to start with. My kids had Jammies that they wouldn’t give up for months after they had holes in the toes. Doesn’t make the situation less grim, but that hole doesn’t necessarily indicate a whole lot.

  8. It was his older brother who noticed he was missing and raised concern after he got home from school. The parents had no idea because they were terrible parents... and high

  9. https://www.today.com/video/3-year-old-boy-found-after-being-missing-in-australian-wilderness-for-3-days-120307269957

  10. 2 days might as well be two weeks when you’re three and haven’t developed a strong sense of time yet. He also didn’t know when he’d be found, which would be terrifying.

  11. I honestly hate seeing posts about this little boy that people use for karma farming. The suffering of his family and the communities around Montana was tremendous; we all cried for this little guy. His terror and suffering would be indescribable... he is a literal baby. Anytime I've seen this article or picture shared, it's this big funny joke about "the stuff this child has seen, ha ha". He is traumatized, terrorized. This look is similar to shell shock. This sweet baby got lost for TWO DAYS and tried to stay warm sleeping in a lawnmower bag all alone in the dark. He is going to be affected for the rest of his life and it's really not funny, cute, or worth making a smart ass comment about.

  12. It's also worth adding that it's an absolute miracle he was found. People had come out to their summer cabin to join the search for this little guy, and just happened to find him in their shed. If they had not decided to join the search party, he likely never would have been found.

  13. Like, can you even imagine the terror that kid would feel even being lost in the woods away for his parents for 5 minutes? And now take that and multiply it until you have 2 days. What does that constant terror do to someone?

  14. I don't think the comments are bad. Just because they're jokes doesn't mean they have ill will. I don't think anyone would disrespect a child who survived two days by themselves out in the cold.

  15. Well Fuckin said. Everytime I see this post it makes me so sad and I can’t even imagine what the poor kid went through. He is literally 3 years old, he’s a baby! These people making jokes can’t fathom how horrifying it must have been.

  16. As a 30 year old man I would be scared to spend the night alone in the woods. As a 3-year-old I think I would fucking die of fear. Cardiac Arrest or something. This kid is a miracle

  17. That’s creepy when I think about all those missing children case’s (usually about this kid’s age) where they disappear very close to family out in the midwest wilderness

  18. this is reposted many times. apparently his parents have a property against the woods and he likes to go looking for bugs around the house. he just wandered off too far and got lost

  19. Does anybody know if he’s okay now? Or healing and progressing atleast? It looks like someone just told him Trump won 2024

  20. Every time I see this I just feel real bad for that kid. You can tell this was the defining moment of his life. Everything that follows will be because he survived 2 days alone as a child. I just want him to have the safest home he can have for the rest of his life.

  21. Happy this dude made it, and even happier he’ll put this whole experience in his rear view mirror and lead a normal, happy life.

  22. I really hope more than anything that his parents will put therapy and trauma recovery first and foremost. He will not simply "naturally go back to normal". He needs extensive and intensive rehabilitation more than anything.This is the kind of thing most children have nightmares about and he quite literally lived through it. 3 year olds were not made to be alone.

  23. 3 my ass, he’s ready to drive and pay rent now. He’s been through more shit than all of us put together 😂🤣

  24. Bro looks like he seen things out there no one can explain and has faced death to many times in the two days he was out there

  25. This story doesn't make a lick of sense. I'm not saying that in order to condemn the parents — I'm saying it makes so little sense that there's no way to even figure out if the parents should be condemned. Stuff I have questions about:

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