By request: People moving to Minnesota. Yearly average from 2015-2019, the latest available data.

  1. Generally, decent job market since there's a lot of HQs, also high average income and education (if you're white 🙃) and slightly cheaper housing market in terms of bang for buck

  2. Shitty weather. It snowed last week, its been windy AF and it will get down to 26F on Monday and Tuesday. I swear the sun has be about like 3 days in the last month.

  3. My family was one of those. Adjusting to the winters was challenging, but the politics is a lot more palatable up here. Arizona was wild before Trump. It's even crazier now.

  4. There's no time involved, i.e. I have no idea when people actually moved. The streams just give a sense of density. The dot colors are semi-random and have nothing to do with the legend with is for the counties.

  5. Southeastern Michigan here. The Great Lakes are supposed to temper climate change. I bought a small brick ranch in a middle class community for $90,000.

  6. What caused the shift between Fargo and Moorhead? Did the college get more funding or something? Oil drying up in ND?

  7. The outflow map shows similar colors for that area. I would hazard a guess that the net change isn’t nearly as significant as a map showing one way travel leads one to believe.

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  9. Wow, don’t people want to live in a climate where it’s warm, but not too warm and snow - who wants to deal with snow in their daily life. I live in Australia, no snow, 25C/77F give or take. I wasn’t born in Australia though, moved here for work and never left. I get the appeal of snow but not keen unless your skiing.

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