Rioters just killed a guy defending a store in Dallas

  1. Yea not dead, just has to drink out of a straw and shit into a bag the rest of his life because he had the gall to stand up to rioting pieces of garbage.

  2. As terrible as this is, I think the volunteer protest medic that helped him should be commended. Thank you for your service, random pink haired person.

  3. Makes it a little better knowing they aren't just beating the shit out of white people for defending themselves.

  4. This is awful. Also how can you put "rioters just killed a guy" and " he's probably still alive" in the same post?

  5. There are protesters and there are rioters out here. Look at all the other protests where they have shamed and stood up to the violence

  6. The riots & images / videos associated have officially convinced me to get a gun and Concealed Handgun License after years of being opposed to getting one personally. I want to be able to protect myself from things like these heinous actions.

  7. Take a class, then go to a range and test out a bunch of their handguns (usually like $10 a gun plus the cost of ammo) and find one you like.

  8. I don’t know, his chances are probably slim to survive, let alone without permanent injuries. That was like 20 people beating on him, several of them with bricks and skateboards for a solid 30-60 seconds

  9. The guy was chasing people with a fucking sword he isn't victimless you think he wasn't gonna use it if he caught the the dude he was chasing? Guys a dumbass.

  10. The source for the context to this is a highly conservative, biased dude. I'll wait for footage of what happened before to come out before I judge.

  11. I hope that EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. who has been eagerly calling for a "revolution" sees this and learns that that word does not mean the glorious thing that history books make it out to be.

  12. This needs to be properly tagged pretty severe stuff. Can't believe they actually murdered that man in such a brutal manner. Be safe out there I knew there was no way I could risk going to protest.

  13. What the fuck that fucking guy got hit with a fucking brick. This shit is not protesting now. This is not LA 1992 What the fuck!

  14. What can we do? (serious question). These people need to pay. Are they so far gone in their self-devolved emotions that they are killing other citizens???

  15. Yes, a person died from a completely different city which means we have to kill 100 more to feel better and heal ourselves. Last time I checked, were in the year 2020.

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