Explaining death to children

  1. Hey, sorry for your loss, I lost my granddad two weeks back, he was my last surviving grandparent. I had lost my Nana last year (other side of the family), and I have told my son both times. Last year when Nana died my son would’ve been just about to turn 4, but he still remembers and talks about her, I am not sure he has understood the finality of it, but I think now he has started to grasp the concept.

  2. Im sorry for your loss. Thats tough. If she was anything like my Dad’s mom she was ready for it. My grandmother died last summer and I still havent told my daughter (4) 😬 I’m honestly not sure what the right time is, as the “context” is gone. It seems weird to just bring it up for no real reason.

  3. My mum died last year. My daughter was too young to understand and in fact had never met her. My 5 year old and me have been on a very interesting processing journey together.

  4. Great suggestions. I’d also like to add that it’s good to expose them to death early and often. (Rather than shield them from it.) Take them to church funerals. Start the conversation before it’s someone close to them.

  5. While dogs arent comparable to grandmas, death is still the topic. I had to have this conversation with my son at 4yo when our dig died. I also watched the big bird episode about dealing with death. It really helped with communication. My son just couldnt grasp the concept tho and kept asking when he would come back. Showing him a flower that had died and comparing it to what happened to our dog finally got it to click for him.

  6. They're on the otherside hopefully zipping round the galaxy exploring.....kids have their whole lives to learn feelings on people and part of self left with ache . It just sucks. Depending on beliefs if tell them gone forever and how precious it all is or just a door we all take......tbh though wife doesnt really like me explaining anything to kid......good luck

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