Week 2 of being a dad

  1. Look into getting a pack of windi gas relief that will help as well. The first four months are the hardest it’s kinda funny the album that put my kiddos to bed when they where babies was undertow by tool. Walk by Pantera was another one of there favorites. We always used to joke saying “music to soothe the savage beasts” but the heavy music was the only thing that worked for them. I have four kids under six I still remember the no sleep times and feeling like the days and months bleed together but I wouldn’t change it for the world. And as she gets older your going to have more fun playing with legos or taking her fishing it only gets better from here.

  2. Good tip. Morning walks with the bb are new for me as well and they are amazing. For me, it's gripe water for gas, prune juice with water for constipation. My daughter just wants more food 8/10 times when she's crying.

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