Many have done this, few have explained the harder parts

  1. The trickiest part about this is getting a surface to sit the changing pad on, I used 5” high density foam and with some carful measurements cutout areas necessary to make a level surface for the changing pad to fit on. The changing pad also has two securing points off the back side, using self tapping screw I drilled them into the lid so the pad won’t move if the child squirms. Initially this was a hard sell to the wife but she’s come to love it.

  2. A few suggestions. Stack a few pads so you can pull the soiled ones out during poopsplosions and still have coverage. Putting just one down is asking for trouble.

  3. Reaching way back for this one. Miss me with the changing table. The floor was always my friend for diapers. Get them prepped first. Have the new diaper and the wipes already pulled. Rash cream already unscrewed. Unfasten the sides, slap the new one under them so they can't pee in your face. One hand stabilizes them from moving and the other hand sets the little sticky tabs. It's like anything else. Do it a 100 times and you'll be a master.

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