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  1. All parents are different and have their own houserules that you have to respect even tho they might sound dumb to you or you see them different. Seems like you crossed a line without ecen knowing it in advance. It is a good idea to try making it up with the dad. I would suggest go there in a humbly manner and ask for a conversation with the dad from man to man. Then you can appologize for disrespecting his houserules and ask him how to make up for your mistake. Also you could tell him your intrntions with his daughter on the long run if you have serious interest in your gerlfriend for the long run. Be polite, be humble and be respectfull. Best of luck.

  2. My wife’s parents are old school conservative type and I am very much not, before we moved in together there was a sit down to talk about my intentions. It felt like the 1400s to me but it made them feel better about something that was not the norm to them.

  3. Yeesh. Idk how old you are but as a dad of a daughter this seems really weird to me. If there was a go home time/rule follow it. It is cool that you are considering your relationship with her parents, not what I considered as a boy, I say tell her parents something like "I am sorry, I did not realize/remember/understand that there was a time you wanted me to leave. From now on I will make sure I respect your rules." This doesn't seem like a healthy response on her parents part. I also suggest checking in with her but BE SURE not to imply any criticism of her or her parents/their relationship, it is ok if she does but you should not put anything extra into that.

  4. Whew buddy. As a dad you kind of blew it with your GFs dad. Hands off the daughter at his house and around him! I take it you are pretty young since your parents had to pick you up. You not only need to keep your GF happy but you have to keep her parents happy if you want to make life easy for yourself. You can't fix the relationship with her dad if his daughter is now blowing you off probably because of her parents. If she likes you enough she'll try and fight for you at least a little bit. Or she could be the type to drop you in a heartbeat if daddy doesn't like you. Not sure what kind of girl you have there.

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