Does anyone know if this is a wart? It doesn't seem to bug my girl, but it got slightly bigger over the past week.

  1. To me it looks like puppy papilloma - I saw it a lot when I worked in doggie day care. It’s pretty contagious but pretty harmless. They usually fall off after a bit - sounds like you are checking in with your vet soon so they can guide you :)

  2. Thanks!! The assistant at our vet clinic says it's most likely that too (when I scheduled an appointment), but of course we'd want to make sure! n_n

  3. it is very similar to canine lichen, mine had it when he was a puppy, about the same place, after the treatment he left a scar for the rest of his life You need a vet

  4. Hey! Thanks for sharing your experience! What treatment did your pup go on, if you don't mind sharing! We have an appointment next week to take a look at this. Fingers crossed!!

  5. Thank you so much! I'm glad the one on your dog resolved! And yep, we have an appointment next week. They couldn't squeeze us in, which is alright. My dog is still acting normal. Just maybe 0.00000001 lb heavier. πŸ˜‚

  6. We have an appointment next week, but just wondering if this is common for a puppy since this community seems helpful. Thanks for reminding me it's best to seek a professional as advice though :)

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