The NEW Puffco thought’s ?

  1. I think it looks like a cool piece to add to my dab collection but I’m not so sure about the dry dabs I think that will be a little harsh and $300 feels too expensive if it was $200 I think go ahead and snag one but I think I’m going wait a little on this one. What do you guys think?

  2. For the price they are certainly tripping. It’s literally just a 3D chamber with a stock dry hit. Although I have seen attachments to make it into a water pipe but at that point you might as well just get yourself a pro which comes with more features.

  3. Honestly I kinda dig dry hits off a Puffco. I don’t own one, but have coworkers who have an OG Peak & a Pro, and half the time we hit it dry and it still rips. The stock Peak glass hits pretty weak imo too

  4. I agree. Little steep on the price point for a dry piece. How cool would it be if they made it a bubbler?!

  5. The first couple hits are smooth and tasty , it does get a tad harsh. Best selling point is that it is mellow and a little goes a long way and that if you want you CAN take it out and put it in a rig or throw it in your pocket to bring over to a friends house who has an accommodating piece. If you are looking for kick you in the head dabs go for something like the Carta 2 or an actual rig. This is not a rig. You can check out our review

  6. What are they smoking that made them think of that price?! Cause I want some of that stuff😂 and that's also why I haven't bought the peak pro.

  7. You guys forget how much is costs to make these things, it’s not cheap, a lot goes into making even tiny simple atomizer and glass and molding and all thay

  8. I’m not even okay with paying $300 for a Peak, let alone this thing. I’d scoop it in an instant for like $60-$80 but why would you ever drop $300 on a novelty waxpen?

  9. So you can throw it out faster and buy a new one when the internal 150 mAh battery goes from bad to unusable?

  10. I literally thought this was a joke until I confirmed its real, and the guy is hyping it like its the best ever product they sell.

  11. Right!? Maybe the terps on dry dabs from this thing are just legendary and we wont know until we try it but idk $300 is wild

  12. I couldn’t agree more! $150-$200 my order would have been placed already but $300 for a 3D chamber and dry pipe for it meh im good

  13. lmao $300 for a dry hit?! no water?! couldn’t be me,, i’ll just pay the extra 100 for the peak pro 😶‍🌫️ like i know there are gonna be “the bub” which will make it a bubbler,, but like if i gotta pay more for it then why not get the pro?? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  14. Am i the only one who thinks this is beyond ugly as fuck and the stupidest money grab they could ever try to pull? I think this is pure ridiculous when they could come up with something to genuinely rival their E-Rigs. This definitely AIN’T it🤣😂 it’s “good marketing” for Chinese parts and hardware🤔

  15. As a glass blower, I am excited. I know on the surface it looks lame, but being able to take the engine out and put it into anything is game changing for glass artists. Instead of building on a platform we are building around an engine. It definitely unlocks new possibilities for rigs that couldn’t be developed on any other platform.

  16. The whole pipe design never took off for vapes for a reason. I don't think this will do amazingly well compared to other puffco products. Sherlock pipes are so niche....also dry dabs

  17. I think the pipe piece is just for initial marketing purposes. Puffco has seen the aftermarket community support for the peak and peak pro. I’m thinking they’re betting on this having the same

  18. I’m about done with puffco, they’re prices are fucking crazy and you can’t even trust any product you order is gonna get to you. I’ve been waiting a month for a damn travel pack for my peak.

  19. I spent the $$$ for a peak pro, and honestly... Its the first time ive spent a decent chunk of change on a piece and it was totally worth it. Im getting way higher off of less dab, so really after 4 months, its probably paid for itself by now. So all that being said, if other people try it and like it, ill give it a shot.... Lol!!!

  20. I’m like you. I actually hated the peak pro and thought it had to be a glorified wax pen. Got mine from a local dispo for $225 with first patient discount and it’s basically forced me to throw my other shit in the closet (auber rdk300, rigs, bangers, torches, etc).

  21. Probably start charging $50 for the silicone connectors that LOOKAH Seahorse comes with to attach to any glass device basically turning any glass rig into a erig essentially. I personally own a Lookah Seahorse, Lookah Unicorn, and most recent Dr. Dabber Switch and numerous glass rigs. The Lookah attachment fits my 14mm’s perfect

  22. Yeah that's so funny I have seen other people who also use that same Lookah silicone just like I do on a few different setups and you can see the bright green Lookah connector and immediately you know what it is and you are absolutely right it fits my 14mm's perfectly. You have the switch?? Man I want one of those. I wish I had the money for all the of the devices and glass.

  23. The v5 from Divine Crossing was out well before the 3d chamber, for 1/4 of the price. Shit the Core 2.0 makes the Puffco Pro seem like a scam too. Don’t wait on Puffco to come out with a hybrid atomizer that can be used multiple ways.

  24. Seriously. They could have just put the 3d chamber with a battery on a 14mm joint and called it a day. Kind of annoying to have to rely on a 3rd party brand accessory to make it a useful item when it's already $300.

  25. After further research I guess the chamber is slightly different.. it functions the same as the 3D chamber but its a bit smaller so price should honestly be around the same as the regular 3D bowl but i guess with the fixture it comes in and glass Sherlock pipe they hiked the price up. I’m assuming there are some fire glads pieces on the way but ya know how that works spend more money lol… idk it looks cool price is steep but I definitely think it will function better then most other electronic dry dab devices so there’s that!

  26. I purchased the Puffco pen as a gift for myself on Christmas Eve. I am new to extracts, dabs. I had a gram of PRIME sugar and was ready for some good times over the holidays. I got a few puffs, worked great. By December 28 th, the battery had crapped out…no longer taking a charge and I still had plenty left of the sugar. I went and got a $30 Boundless Terp pen, finished that gram and have been successfully using the Terp pen since…still have not returned Puffco for a new battery. I will return it tho at some point. I will never purchase another Puffco product…I should note, I purchased the Puffco even after reading numerous reviews warning of battery issues.

  27. Too bad that was your first experience. I feel the same way about dr dabber for similar reasons. The peak pro rocks though

  28. Folks. Dry dabs are not more harsh than dabs that have been run through water for what. All of a half a second. There’s nothing to filter like with smoke. All it does it cool it off. And that only a little. I hit almost all my dabs dry and this thing looks awesome for that.

  29. If you watch the hype video they put out for these, there are going to be some really cool after-market pieces made to fit this atomizer. Some of which, I expect, will include a water stage.

  30. $300 is too much, but the people complaining about dry dabs I don’t get. I understand that it’s a little different than a concentrate pen, but I also don’t think they’d put out something that didn’t hit smooth enough to actually produce and sell. I smoke out of one of the shortest bowls I’ve seen. Others complain, but all you have to do is hit it more lightly. But anyway, drop that price to $200 and I’m all over it.

  31. I agree the price is steep. 200 to 250 would have been perfect. I would already copped it. But I don't see this goofy at all. I really see this as an innovation and I see the vision of the modular design. I'm sure in a couple of months everybody's going to want to throw on top of their rig and it's going to be the new fad.

  32. Yeah I can totally see that I mean I honestly do think it looks dope as is like this I just can’t agree with the $300 price right now but if people start reviewing it and turns out to be really nice I may take the plunge

  33. Its dumb, but people never learn and will buy it. It's my understanding from observing this sub puffco consistently makes expensive products that break often.

  34. After owning several puffcos for over 6 years, and going back to quartz bangers and glass rigs, don’t waster your money.

  35. Neat idea, good as a novelty piece or conversation starter when a homie comes over. The price is a joke and will kill this thing. Literally any other e-rig would perform better with improved flavor at around half the price. Tbh now that the Carta 2 dropped, rival manufacturers HAVE to come up with something that absolutely revolutionizes dabbing in order to compete with that thing. This won’t compete.

  36. Well this could be pretty sick. Can be a pipe a bubler a small bong a big bong. Wonder how the adapter will look and it'll work for both male / female stems.

  37. The color fade on the glass piece looks mighty sus. Wouldn't think about getting one before somebody ran it through a kiln cycle after the painted glass situation with the pro.

  38. I got one Saturday and it’s fantastic… I’ve been using it more than my peak pro. It hits very nice.

  39. Something to sell to guillible 60 year olds at the dispensary along with their pax 3 and "exotic" weed, or to people who would pay money to be fucked in the ass by the CEO of puffco. This product is garbage, with 4 heat settings it is only slighly better than chineese "Wapen"s, I bet the TC is either nonexistent or Timed Preheat instead of TCR, meaning your paying 300$ to get punched by mike tyson in the chest every time you hit it. Its just gross old boomer tech. I personally think the "3D" chamber is bull and is just a slightly bigger, overclocked regular chamber inside a housing with more airflow, but learning that this doesn't even use that tech DESPITE CLAIMING TO is insane. Criminal even. It will get it's ass handed too by a Boundless Pen, I guarantee it.

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