7 months sober from alcohol so I will be taking a dab for the fallen instead.

  1. Word! I crossed day 974 off of my calendar today. To all of my brothers and sisters out there fighting that good fight! And too you my brother,congrats!! It is no small feat because the struggle is real! Be proud in your accomplishment and dab on!!One Love ☝️💟☮️

  2. Congrats on your 7 months I’m on 9 months sober from painkillers after 9 years. Also 6 months off benzos those are kinda like alcohol in a pill

  3. I will say blessings because my dad and his dad(my grandfather) both were alcoholics so I was always keen on watching and limiting my alcohol consumption over the years. I’ve seen firsthand what true addiction is and what it does! I took a dab earlier but I’ll take another and lay down😂😂 I’m a noob to dabs but a stoner from the past!

  4. Sorry you had to grow up around alcoholics. I'm in my early 30s and starting a family may be next in my life so I refuse to until I'm squared away.

  5. Yeah I’m learning that e rigs run different and each has to be dialed in by the user. Just wanted to know because the Ispire Dab wasn’t doing it for me until I dropped way down to like 425-450! Anything above 495 and it seems to be extremely thick vapor but burnt in taste. I think I hit it on 545-560 and it was basically combustion in taste, nasty af! Dabs are the shit, if you’re a real stoner. Thanks!

  6. It's really hard to stop drinking but you're down 50% and that's a huge first step! You got this. Try to build a supportive network that won't peer pressure you or even allow you to.

  7. How do you like the Dr Dabber and what temperature do you run. I am a noob to dabs and have bought a few e rigs thinking about a dedicated e-nail for dabs as I already have a CH B2.

  8. 💯 worth it. However, you definitely want to buy the better cups and the bubble cap they sell. Other than that, the stock glass is pretty decent until you decide you want to upgrade.

  9. Cheers! I don't count my days but March 14th 2022 is my Sobriety date. I dab too and life's a whole lot better. Keep on truckin!!! I Realized every single "shit storm" or problem that arose, which was daily, was because I had to have a drink, and another, then another. Man, stay with it! Keeping it 420 for life. 👊😗💨

  10. Yeah it definitely starting interfering with alot of aspects in my life and getting me into many fights. Dabbing keeps me much more level and cool headed, helps me sleep better and doesn't give me all types of GI issues. Cheers !

  11. I want to stop drinking completely also but I’m like scared for some reason. I used to drink every day now I drink like a few times a month if that… every time I drink I regret it tho and asks myself why I drank. Ever since I been smoking I barely get a desire to drink but it’s like one of those nasty habits that get me sometimes…

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