Two things i got from the dnf trailers.

  1. Capcom has way more budget than ASW and ASW should definitely NOT look at Capcom as an example for single player content in their fgs (SFV's was a disaster) and NRS is backed by Warner Bros iirc. So you're comparison is extremely unfair. Also it's a fighting game, what did you expect? A majority of your time with a fighting game is going to be spent fighting other players (unheard of right?) so filling it with single player content should be the least of an fg devs concern. They should focus on making gameplay fun and making sure the online and offline fighting experience function seamlessly.

  2. While i get your complaints, I don’t believe every fighting game is required to have the budget to throw that much money into a story mode. I personally don’t think every game needs to be Mortal Kombat in terms of content.

  3. but there's a campaign, arcade, and a survival mode with a roguelike buff menu, not sure why you're saying there's nothing

  4. they're not saying there is nothing, they're saying there is the bare minimum. also that's like what pretty much every other game has. no ones going to get excited about the same shit we have had since years 🤷‍♂️

  5. That is the bare minimun, well a bit more since the survival mode has an actual difference to your average run of the mill survival mode to make it stand out from your average survival mode.

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