W2C Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener?

  1. Do not buy fake electronics. Its not worth your life, shits are made with zero safety features and can very realistically burn your house down.

  2. Legit. Not worth the risk, I'd just go to the store and pick up the best one you can out of the options they got. If you got $50 you can get a pretty quality straightener at some stores

  3. Just invest in a GHD wireless. Buying rep electronics is dangerous. People buy Dyson products for the quality so why buy a rep? Might as well buy an auth straightener that won’t blow up when you plug it in.

  4. I haven't found electronics to be worth it at all. They're so cheap. Don't expect anything close to a Dyson if it's actually a real product. I thought they made vacuums

  5. They still make the vacuums! But they have definitely expanded. They make hair electronics and there's a line of fans too

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