W2B Which seller has the best quality air max plus tn on dh gate

  1. These are good I got the all black and had them for 6+ months ! I've worn them plenty of times even to a few music festivals and they still hold up great. I live in Australia and TNs are one of the most popular shoes here so I have a lot to compare them to. You can only tell by looking at the bottom, no one suspects they're fake. The size is accurate as well so order your US shoe size.

  2. Real Nike quality is trash as well, my DHGate TNs are holding up as well as my retail 95s. I usually just go for any seller with good feedback and lots of transactions

  3. I copped myself a white pair… they were fine initially, a couple of things off about them but nothing that anyone has called me out again (infact people commented saying how nice they are after people on here said they are sh*t)

  4. From my experience there doesn’t seem to be any good quality reps. I’ve been searching for a while but everything I’ve found is poor quality.

  5. The cheapest you can buy TNs in Australia is $250, some rare colour schemes go for $400+ easy they are easily the most popular sneaker in Australia every young person wears them these days

  6. There are not good TNs in dh gate. I cop a pair a couple months ago, you can see my review. The quality overall is good, they are well made. But they have a big issue where the leader strip under the swoosh is very very thick in comparison with the retail version. If you know about reps and shoes is a instant flag. For the mallory of people? no one will know that they are reps, they look very well of fit. But keep in mind that they are nothing like the originals. If you want can i seen you a image with the main difference.

  7. but its not cheap as you think in my contry more than 200 $ for most of them btw the colors i want are obtainable only on stockx at more than 350$ for the supreme one

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