Am i just seeing through rose tinted glasses?

  1. Yes, the original had its own charm and nothing could ever replace it. But this new show feels different because, while the original creators are heavily involved, it is produced by a more "pro" studio rather than a more indie one and as such it was produced with a much higher budget. So they are able to take things a lot further than they could before with a lower budget. Not to mention they get to flesh things out even deeper with more run time. You see things evolve with more money (and time) involved in plenty of shows. They did have years to plan this out and work on it since the originals. But just look at the pilot episodes of other popular shows or their first episodes of the first seasons versus later seasons and you see things change naturally over time.

  2. Well yeah it’s a 30 minute high budget tv show compared to a 6-8 minute YouTube series it’s gonna feel different. I think it translated pretty well and I love the new style.

  3. nah, the older ones were shorter and had a tighter grip on the theme, plus focused more on horror while humor came in when natural. this time horror is on the back burner and it’s more of a dark comedy, surrealist series

  4. Obviously 6 minute YouTube shorts are going to have a very different vibe from 30 minute episodes made for TV

  5. The new episodes are longer which means we get situated more, so some of the weird lack of context that added to the mysterious feeling is lost. Also much of the original series had to do with shocking us with twist endings, which can’t happen as much anymore since we expect it.

  6. The only thing i don't like about the new ones is i feel like the songs are less catchy, or have a bit less flow which works at points but the songs were really the selling point in the originals. Other than that i think it's just different because they're bigger episodes and consequently there's more character development/more things happening so it can't be the same as the short youtube ones

  7. i like the new ones more, they’re so entertaining and we get a lot more personality out of the characters, although nothing beats the original songs

  8. I thought the same, at first. I think its just that theres so much to process, we were given two full hours of dont hug me im scared all at once and it takes time to settle. We have had the old episodes for years, we know them off by heart by now.

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