Something about the show is driving me mad

  1. I got a question, wtf was the deal with Becky recording the voice actor doing some lines, and then the lines NEVER get said In the show? Like wtf was the pirate king?

  2. i went and rewatched Healthy bc it’s probably my favorite of all the episodes, and i have to say i prefer the non autotuned voice. him having the only autotuned voice out of the whole cast was really jarring

  3. I’m certain his voice is still auto tuned at times throughout the show, it’s always super pleasing to me to hear when the auto tune sort of “peaks” in a way and is more obvious to hear. I love the touch it adds. But yeah I don’t think it’s totally removed in the new show

  4. They made it a point to make the cast speak clearer. Perhaps for TV viewing. Sadly made Red speak louder but ngl, i find the new inflections sweet.

  5. yea, I love red guy’s development in this season. He’s still enough like his old self, but we also get to see more of him as a character :D

  6. They probably did it because listening to an autotuned voice for 20 minutes on end would probably start to sound like nails on a chalkboard.

  7. I found that to be a really odd choice at first, but I got used to it after a little while. I don’t really know why they chose to give him a regular voice, but I think it was probably because they wanted to differentiate this show from the Youtuber series more. Or it could have for some reason been more difficult for them to autotune Duck’s voice for these episodes than it was for the Youtuber series?

  8. The actor who plays Duck does the auto tune thing with his voice, actually! He might have toned it down for network television or he might have not been able to do it as well because there’s much more dialogue.

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