Made a tier list. Thoughts?

  1. And what about the best song ever? “It’s a vending machine, it’s a vending machine, we all eat our lunch from a vending machine.” I can’t stop singing it, one of my favourites… And why is love so low, love is a atleast!! >:)

  2. s2 e5 is sooo good, i think they kept it interesting with it mostly being in one setting (the car). red guy trying to escape and convincing the others to stay in the car as well as the car (i forgot his name lmao) waking up and being scared as hell fit the vibe of the og series, very spooky episode that didn't try to hard to be scary.

  3. 'Love' grew on me with time. used to be my least favorite but the song is much catchier, even if it feels weird compared to every other episode in S1. not a fan of 'Dreams', and i think 'Jobs' and 'Friendship' are very underrated on the list

  4. I think the reason people don’t like the love episode is because the ending, compared to others, isn’t scary or filled with gore and death

  5. my posts keep getting deleted on here idk why but i wanted to make a post about my opinion on the series but i feel like it will get deleted so i’m saying it it here, the series honestly imo didn’t feel the the same dhmis on yt it felt a bit watered down i feel like if i showed this to a bunch of kids they’d like it the weirdness and the creepiness was just not there only a few occasions add a few weird and scary parts but i just feel like this was not worth waiting 6 years for im sorry but it wasn’t

  6. I sort of have the same it feels like the "magic" of the show has dissapeared a bit? Im still very happy its finally out and watching it im enjoying myself but it feels like something is missing

  7. DHMIS wasn’t created just to be weird and creepy, it was made to be a criticism of kids shows. I think the series greatly succeeds in that regard.

  8. I loved all of it, but jobs was my favourite. I also liked death and electricity. Family my least favourite (still really liked it though)

  9. Friendship was my least favorite of the new episodes too. Mostly because I didn't find it fun to watch Yellow Guy being bullied by the others. The whole thing was rather mean-spirited, even if it had a couple really funny moments.

  10. Right? They're both hilarious, the song in the Love episode is amazing, and the way they spoke to the worm (Eagle thing) in the Friendship episode got the most laughs out of me

  11. it's not confirmed but the date is June the 20th, and not the 19th, making it no longer Father's Day, which does imply that they're stuck in a new loop in this house but y'know-

  12. Hasn't been confirmed as far as i know, id like to think they take place after it as the computer and clock exist as actual living things and dont teach anymore as they've already sang before. Considering what the sixth episode shows too id most likely say it does.

  13. I really liked Friendship. That clay style of animation was really reminiscent of UK children’s programming in the 2000s

  14. I felt like it dragged on for too long. Plus, the stuff in Yellow Guy's head was really boring. Still, it was pretty funny at parts.

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