Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: The TV Show - S1E5 "Transport" (Discussion Thread)

  1. Honestly upon rewatch this episode is so fucking hard to watch. Like red guy is having a pretty realistic breakdown from being in a stressful situation that he cant leave. and it just shows in all his behavior the entire episode and lowkey past episodes (I thought it was weird he got so into the idea of a family in episode 3 until I realized he saw a possible out.) Idk as someone thats gone through similar breakdowns it really hurt to see especially the way he lashes out in the opening. They really are making thr most out of their extended time lowkey.

  2. Does the cassette instructor sound anything like a slightly processed XboxAhoy / Stuart Brown to anyone else?

  3. i just noticed on a rewatch, the ending might not truly be the real world, watch the end again when they're sat around the fire, after yellow guy asks about the neighbors and community, the camera pans onto red guy, look in the fridge behind him, theres a can of the duck food from S0E5 "Hungry"

  4. I figured it was just going to end in a car crash but instead they fucking literally drive off the grid into a post apocalyptic junkyard.

  5. Honestly was the best episode by far, the whole season was amazing don’t get me wrong but the new season felt a bit to much like a TV show than a creepy YT serious (obviously ik it’s an actual TV show and would have to of been adapted ect ). However this episode felt more like one of the original YT vids. Every episode had parts that made me feel uneasy but I felt like this episode just took it a step further in the best possible way, overall the new season is just amazing :)

  6. Question: Who was the guy they picked up off the side of the road, was he Roy or someone completely different?

  7. Okay I love how they made the train this old man with serious health problems as a nod to how forms of transportation like train travel have largely become outdataed and fallen out of style

  8. Feel like they are intentionally killing the train since he is one of the object that can be used to escape on whatever we witness.

  9. Except this is Britain where trains are very important... Hell in most of Western Europe, the train infrastructure is critical

  10. They're pretty fed up and bored with the zany dance and singing schtick. Even the mirror turned into one of them when he stared at it too long.

  11. My theory is the world as we know it is destroyed and they are living in a simulated reality that potentially runs as mindless entertainment for whatever is left of humankind.

  12. Did anybody else catch the reference to clay hill from the scrapped wakey wakey pilot in this episode? When red guy taps the sat nav it flags up as “clay hill” (the name of the town from the pilot) and then the sat nav swiftly says that it doesn’t exist anymore.

  13. probably my favourite episode. Family and Electricity were also great but I feel that jobs, death and friendship dragged due to the run time

  14. I love how they're both pretty nondescript names that could apply to either human and animal without distinction.

  15. One of my favorite jokes in the season, they put so much effort into little throwaway (for now) gags like this lol

  16. Ik he looked similar, but why would Roy be dressed as a homeless dude? Knowing him (which we really dont), he'd probably be lurking in the trunk of the car or smth

  17. So Lesley has to be the car they mentioned dumping in a swamp somewhere? I wouldn't mind finding that.

  18. That felt a tad mean tbh. The Clayhill pilot was the one thing stringing us along over the past four years, only for that concept to be scrapped entirely, the pilot to not even be released, and the actual show just having a laugh at its expense.

  19. Right? It’s about the makers of the show being on YouTube, doing their thing and the being given opportunities to take the show somewhere new (Channel 4)

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